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LGBTQ Education Summits


All LGBTQ and allied corps members, alumni, staff, partners, and students are invited to attend our LGBTQ Education Summits. Details, including locations, dates, and registration info can be found below.

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Starting in 2014, we began hosting conversations on the state of education in LGBTQ America. Corps members, alumni, activists, and community members across different regions came together to discuss the importance of making educational equity an LGBTQ priority. These conversations have continued in the form of annual LGBTQ Summits, held in regions across the country each year.

In partnership with regional and national partner organizations, TFA LGBTQ Education Summits engage corps members and alumni on learning and development, as well as resources that support LGBTQ students and educators. Members of the summit make recommendations for teacher preparation, student support, school culture, policy, and more.

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We look forward to bringing you more LGBTQ Education Summits in 2018. Be on the lookout for updates in fall 2018. 

For details about previous summits, please consult our summit guide

2017 Summits

  • Midwest Summit, September 22-24, Cincinnati, OH
  • Massachusetts Summit, October 14, Boston, MA
  • Deep South Summit, November 10-12, Jackson, MS

Workshop Proposals

Each summit traditionally includes LGBTQ-inclusive professional development, community engagement, social networking, and brave testimonies.

Leadership development workshops aligned with these tracks are accepted:

  • Direct student support
  • Family and community
  • Policy and advocacy
  • School culture and climate
  • Teacher leadership development

If you or anyone in your network is interested in designing and facilitating a workshop at one of our LGBTQ Education Summits, please complete this form.

Resources for Educators

  • Employment Protection Laws
  • From Teach For America
  • From GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network)
  • From Campus Pride
  • From Teaching Tolerance
  • From The Trevor Project
  • From Accredited Schools Online

Employment protections for LGBTQ teachers in our partner regions vary. View state laws and protections for more information about the legal landscape in our regions.

Please know that while there is no federal law that protects LGBTQ individuals from being fired because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, many of our regions are in states that have passed laws to include protections for these identities. Applicants who are concerned about employment protections should note their preferences in “special circumstances” when applying. This request will be honored to the best of our ability.

It is important to recognize that the presence of legal protections for LGBTQ people does not guarantee a culture of acceptance within a region and vice versa. Especially in regions where these protections do not exist, corps members have had positive experiences. LGBTQ teachers can make an impact in regions not traditionally associated with being LGBTQ-friendly, especially given these are often the areas where LGBTQ students most need advocates and allies. If you are willing to advocate for an inclusive learning environment in any setting, we encourage you to mobilize and fight for the students and communities we serve.

Teach For America’s LGBTQ Community Initiative had the opportunity to collaborate with President Obama’s White House Initiative for Educational Excellence for African Americans and A24 Films in 2016. We worked to produce a comprehensive educator's toolkit guided by the 2017 Academy Awards Best Picture, “Moonlight.”

  • Information on establishing and operating a gay-straight alliance in your school.

  • Guide to working with LGBTQ students of color.

  • Toolkit for elementary educators to help students feel safe and develop respectful behaviors and attitudes.

  • Kit to create a safe space for LGBTQ youth in secondary schools.

  • Report on the experiences of LGBTQ students living in rural areas.

  • Campus Pride College Fair Program: A national LGBTQ College Fair Program hosted once a year online and in 8-10 different cities across the U.S. The program is designed to address the concerns of LGBTQ and ally students related to academics, student life, and campus safety. 
  • Campus Pride Index: An assessment tool for campuses looking for ways to improve LGBTQ campus life.
  • Camp Pride: A summer LGBTQ Youth Leadership Academy to build leadership capacity among LGBTQ and ally undergraduate student leaders and create safer, more inclusive campus communities. 
  • Advisor Bootcamp: An LGBTQ Professional Academy for Advisors to expand knowledge, enhance skills, and collaborate with others who share passion for creating safer, more welcoming communities.
  • Campus Pride Map: A database of LGBTQ student groups, support services, and resources at colleges and universities across the United States.

Teaching Tolerance has a broad set of resources, toolkits, and professional development that can support corps members and alumni interested in advancing safe classrooms. You're encouraged to search its portal for more.

  • Curriculum examining the impact of language and actions on LGBTQ youth (includes how to recognize and respond to signs of depression and suicide).

  • Trainings to help adults understand the environmental stressors that contribute to a heightened risk for suicide in LGBTQ youth.

  • Comprehensive resource guide that includes interviews with researchers in the field, as well as information about scholarships available for LGBTQ students.

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