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Teachers and parents can build a community that celebrates all types of families and identities. Here are five resources targeted for anyone aiming to build a more inclusive environment for all children.
Ian Cohen was concerned about the "dropout factory" at his placement school—especially the students who were doing just enough to pass. Read how he and two other TFA alumni are getting these particular kids to excel.
LGBTQ Community Initiative managing director Tim'm West reflects on Pride Month and not only what TFA has done to help keep our schools safe and ensure voices are heard, but also what the initiative has planned for the road ahead.
Effectively communicating with middle school students is no easy task, but you can start by utilizing these tough-love phrases to build strong relationships with them.
Cortni Bardier was accepted to UC San Diego despite a setback in middle school that almost derailed her dream. She explains how she got back on the college track.
Twenty-two years after casting him in an elementary school play, Jill Levine (Greater New Orleans '92) witnessed former student Rendell Debose—now a professional actor—perform in “Memphis: The Musical.” The pair recounted his first big break.
Everyone had advice on how to prepare for my first year in the classroom. Now, after finishing my first year in the classroom, I have my own words of wisdom for new teachers.
Discover how teachers can spot and support some of the 1.6 million American kids coping with homelessness—and learn about a film on the topic that is premiering tonight.