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The Through Line - A New Podcast Brought to you by Teach For America Colorado

The Through Line is a show about building a better future for kids, hosted by Teach For America Colorado executive director, Damion LeeNatali, featuring voices from local educators, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

September 18, 2018

Teach For America Colorado executive director interviewing a guest.

Episode 1: The Future of Education

The debut episode of The Through Line poses the question, “In a world changing as rapidly as ours, are we equipping kids with the tools needed for success?” Special guests including Carrie Morgridge, Wisdom Amouzou, Josh Scott and Chad McWhinney speak to their visions of the future of education, and the work their doing to make it a reality for kids.  

Listen here:

Listen to the full length interviews:

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The Through Line is produced by Teach For America Colorado.

Damion LeeNatali, Host
Emily Williams, Executive Producer
Jeremy Brieske, Sound Engineer
Julie Stone, Executive Editor
Katie Parvin, Assistant Editor