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Pushing Back on Problems

It's been a year of challenges. Behind those challenges is the one we started with--equity in education. It’s the goal that unites us and brings our organization together. Regardless of our differences, we’re united in improving kids' futures.

By The TFA Editorial Team

January 5, 2021

Rally to Unify

Regardless of our differences we are committed to building and unifying around the work of making the future better for kids.

“No Matter How Big or Small”

Problems. From day one, we start learning about them. 

The little ones. The tricky ones. The unfathomable ones. 

They're everywhere. As we grow up, we only see more of them. 

And we realize that not all problems are easy to figure out. 

And the big ones-they can take months, years, lifetimes. 

And these days, our problems feel heavier, deeper, and more unsolvable than ever before. 

But in the face of these problems, no matter how big or small they may be, we stand united. 

Because we were built to take on a problem. 

To give every child-no matter who they are, 

where they're from, or what color their skin is, 

an open door to unleash their potential. 

And we'll take on any problem that's in their way.