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What are our Communities Saying?

Educators across the nation addressed the 2016 Presidential election results with their classrooms and schools this week. Below are compiled reflections and experiences from some of our Bay Area school leaders, teachers and students.

November 14, 2016

The TFA Editorial Team

The TFA Editorial Team

We gazed at one another in silent longing for what felt like a lifetime until my students created the lesson plan that I could not.

They collaborated to agree on the following ground rules:

  1. MY voice matters.
  2. YOUR voice matters.
  3. We will LOVE one another.

A few of their voices, as they listened in respectful silence to collective resistance and resilience:

“All of our colors are beautiful.”

14 year-old student

“20 years from now, when I have kids, I hope that our country will be a place where you can come out to love who you love, come here to be who you want to be, and be respected to be you are.”

11 year-old student

“My students’ voices were glimmers of hope…”

Brendan McIntyre

Bay Area Corps '15

This morning I sat in a community circle with my 3rd graders to try to begin to process the election results…I couldn’t be more thankful to be surrounded by the most amazing little humans who are a constant reminder of all that is still “good” and “beautiful” in our country right now. Their very existence being the most important reason we keep on fighting. As we were closing in our Appreciation Circle, one kiddo thanked everyone for making him “feel much better” and then said, “In 4 years I’m going to be in 7th grade and the world better WATCH OUT.” Because yes, one day they will be in charge and for that, there is hope. So much hope. 

Kyoko Utsumi, Bay Area Corps ’13
Random neighbors showing up in support of our students (all of whom are immigrants) this morning.

Kyle Svingen, Bay Area Corps ’12
Diana Lay, Bay Area Corps ’13
Ms. Oza (Chicago Corps ’08) makes safe space signs for Everett Middle School (San Francisco, CA).
A message from your neighborhood kinders:
Dear President Trump,
We are valued.
We are peaceful.
We are united.

Ryan Swick, Bay Area Corps ’15
Just one of my incredible students’ responses to today’s TK writing assignment: my hope for the future is…

Brianna Brown, Bay Area Corps ’15
Despite the reality that has prompted so much fear in our youth, their ability to imagine a world free from such hate and filled with hope and love is what must push us forward.

Chris Arreola, Bay Area Corps ’16
My students deserve love.

Audrey McMillion, Bay Area Corps ’16
Grateful for the fiery passion of Richmond students and their incredibly supportive and empowering teachers. The most hopeful I’ve been in the past 48 hours is hearing their voices and seeing their messages of love & strength.

Courtney Guenard, Bay Area Corps ’10
Claire Baugher, Bay Area Corps ’14