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That Unforgettable Student

Teach For America alumni and corps members recall the students who remain close to their hearts, even years later.

May 29, 2019

The TFA Editorial Team

The Student I Will Always Remember

Charming. Charismatic. Too cool for school. Every teacher can recall the students who stood out in their class. Teach For America alumni and corps members share memories of the students who helped them grow, challenged them, and made them feel like they were making a difference.

Teach For America alumni answer the question: Who is a student you will always remember?

A student I had in my sixth-grade reading class. She is studying to be a teacher at Cal State Dominguez Hills now." Tanya Franklin, Los Angeles '05 

"That kid who was Mr. Personality. He was a joy when he wanted to be a joy. He could be a handful when he wanted to be a handful. He really taught me how to teach my first year." Marcus Hughes, Metro Atlanta '03

"He had been retained twice already before coming into second grade. A few months later, he looked at me and he said, ‘Ms. Young, I think your superpowers are working." Amber Y. Medina, Los Angeles '01