Our Direction

Our Work



Strengthen an inclusive, thriving, diverse community of corps members, alumni and staff who listen to and learn from each other and know we are in it together.


Help our teachers have path-changing impact with children, even in their first two years, and support alums in and out of the classroom to continuously develop their leadership contributions.


Catalyze leadership everywhere it’s needed, starting with recruiting the next generation of extraordinary people.


We are focused on fueling local movements by empowering regional teams.

We are focused on making the full experience—from recruitment through the corps into alumnihood—more integrated and coherent to make this a stronger community for all.

We will lead with the courage of our convictions, grounded in the understanding that we and our partners each have critical roles to play in this work.

We are focused on recruiting a corps, supporting culturally responsive teaching, and creating a community where everyone can bring their best, striving to be the model of fairness and opportunity we envision for our nation.