In 2012, Teach For America launched the You Served For America, Now Teach For America initiative to bring more veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces in to the fight against educational inequity.  This initiative aims to put the power of military veterans, military professionals transitioning out of active service, armed forces reservists and national guard personnel, and spouses of military professionals to work in our nation’s highest-need schools.  We believe that the students who attend these schools will benefit greatly from veterans’ depth of experience, strength in leadership, and desire to continue to serve their country.  

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Teach For America aims to put the leadership power and unique skills of transitioning military professionals, veterans, members of the guard and reserve components, and military spouses to work in our nation’s highest-need schools. Watch this video to learn more.


A Community Dedicated to Veterans

Got Your Six

Teach For America has partnered with Got Your Six to help achieve the GY6 goal of promoting veterans and military families as leaders and civic assets.  We believe that by putting the crucial leadership skills of America’s military veterans to work in the classroom, transformational change can occur.  A strong education system today means a strong America tomorrow!

Joining Forces

Joining Forces is dedicated to connecting our servicemen and women, veterans, and military spouses with the resources they need to find jobs at home.  Teach For America contributes to the Joining Forces mission by providing training in the field of education, routes to state teacher certification, and job placement.  

Student Veterans of America

Student Veterans of America envisions a nation where all student veterans succeed in post-secondary programs that contribute to civilian society in meaningful ways. We believe that one of the most meaningful ways a veteran can contribute to civilian society is by teaching American’s children, who will become the next generation of leaders.  Thus, we have partnered  with SVA to provide meaningful and civic-based employment as teachers to veterans upon graduation from college. 

Troops to Teachers

Managed by the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), Troops To Teachers (TTT) works to assist eligible military personnel to transition to a new career as public school teachers in high-need schools.  We support the TTT mission by  providing a single source for teacher training, a path to state teacher certification, and job placement for military veterans who pursue a career in education through the TFA pipeline.  


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Profiles of Courage: Vets in the Classroom


  • Current Role: Principal in Residence at Achievement First Elm City College Preparatory
  • Prior Military Experience: Five years as a Marine Corps Staff Sergeant
  • Desire to Give Back: While working as a physicist, Chris was debating whether to pursue his PhD when a TFA recruiter visited his lab – he felt compelled to “take care of folks at home” and applied that night
  • In His Own Words: “After spending six years in the civilian world, I missed the sense of purpose that I felt in the Marines. Teach For America gave me the challenge and purpose I had been missing.”



  • Current Role: Second Grade Dual Language Teacher at Powell Bilingual Elementary School
  • Prior Military Experience: Five years as a Marine Corps Signals Intelligence Operator and Analyst
  • Desire to Give Back: Having travelled extensively in the military, Sergio capitalizes on his background as a language expert at his bilingual school, where he supports students in their home language. Despite coping with injuries attained during his military service, Sergio coaches youth soccer.
  • In His Own Words: “It’s so much more than just a job. These students are beautiful and they’re so eager to learn and to be loved, but they need so much support and they need great teachers to give that support."


SARAH STAAB (Greater Nashville Corps ’12)

  • Current Role: Fifth Grade Science Teacher at Brick Church College Prep
  • Prior Military Experience: West Point graduate and five years in the Army, including two years as a Captain
  • Desire to Give Back: While in Iraq, a baby born amid war, poverty, and illness was brought to Sarah’s clinic to care for – Baby Noor’s family taught Sarah about the power of holding high expectations for all children, no matter their circumstances
  • In Her Own Words: “I’m often struck by the similarities my two experiences share. Day-to-day, the lessons I learned while serving my country overseas now follow me as I serve my country in the classroom.” Listen to Sarah discuss more, here.