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You Are An Idealist

You are a natural and innovative leader with the ability to inspire those around you. Your talent for communication, thinking outside the box, and finding new solutions to complex problems is unique – just like you! As an Idealist, you thrive in creative spaces where you can challenge the status quo and propose new ideas.

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Key Strengths

Embrace your Idealist traits. Lean in to your confidence, ambition, and passion – and start your path toward creating a positive impact for future generations.

Career Suggestions

Idealists are free thinkers who often find fulfillment in careers that allow their open hearts and minds to open up new opportunities for themselves and others. A career in education advocacy, instructional design, marketing, multimedia illustration, civil rights law, or entrepreneurship could be the perfect fit for you.

Take The Next Step

Don't just imagine a better tomorrow - help create solutions to improve the complex issues of inequity. Let your idealistic leadership grow and thrive.