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You Are An Activist

You are a social change maker. You possess a unique ability to put your passion for activism into action. And, you don’t mind getting outside of your comfort zone to pursue a more just and equitable society. That’s why Activists like yourself are often creating catalysts for the types of positive change that can leave lasting impacts on the world.

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Key Strengths

As an Activist, traits like passion, empathy and purpose come naturally. Using these inner strengths can fuel your ability to motivate others and walk-the-talk for the greater good.

Career Suggestions

Activists often find careers that let them be flexible, embrace big ideas with conviction, and collaborate with others to serve humanity to be particularly fulfilling. A career in education, non-profit management, DEI specialist, environmental lawyer, or social work could be a great fit for you.

Take The Next Step

Ready to take the first step toward driving the change you seek? Put your passion in action by launching a career in equity.