After the corps

What happens after the corps is just as important as your two year commitment.

Teach For America looks for exceptional leaders who can make an immediate, positive impact on students during their two years in the classroom. But being part of Teach For America is so much more than your corps experience. To realize our mission, we need our corps members to become lifelong leaders in the movement to make a great education available to all. Many alumni continue to make an impact in the classroom or as school leaders, but others work to address the challenges faced by kids in low-income communities from many different career sectors.

As an alum, you will join a network of like-minded people who support each other personally and professionally in endeavors that further our mission - such as opening and staffing schools, partnering on social entrepreneurship initiatives, and sharing additional opportunities to advocate for students.

Our growing force of over 37,000 alumni will accelerate our ability to achieve our vision that one day, all children will have access to an excellent education--and the opportunities that come with it.