What it Will Take

Filling high-need classrooms with passionate, high-achieving individuals who will do whatever it takes to help their students succeed is a critical piece of our approach—but it’s not enough to reach educational equity. Success relies on the work corps members do as alumni after their two-year commitment, from within the field of education and other sectors, to continue to expand opportunities for all students.


The Corps: A Foundation for Leadership

Through their experience in the classroom and the relationships they form with students, families, and communities, corps members develop:

  • A deep commitment to solving educational inequity
  • The conviction that all students can achieve when they are invested in their education, held to high expectations, and are supported by advocates who help them overcome the challenges of poverty
  • The knowledge of what it will take to make this a reality for all students

This paves the way for a lifetime of educational leadership, which Teach For America cultivates through initiatives that help our alumni continue their impact after the corps.


Cultivating a Lifetime of Leadership

Creating the system-wide change necessary to give all kids an excellent education requires leaders in all fields. Teach For America actively supports the leadership paths of our alumni through leadership initiatives in fields where the impact on educational equity is most direct. We help alumni build leadership skills, develop networks, and connect them to opportunities where they can make an impact throughout their careers.


Leadership Initiatives


Fueling the Movement

Our corps members and alumni are fueling efforts that are significantly changing the education landscape in America.


Opportunities for College Students

If you're not yet able to join the corps, you can still make a difference in education and social justice.

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