Neighborhood Highlight

Downtown is Cincinnati’s urban core and a great place to live for those who want to get to know the heart of the city. Fountain Square—the symbolic center of the city—offers nightly entertainment and many unique restaurants. The neighboring Over-the-Rhine district is the largest, most intact urban historic district in the country, and is a great place for architecture enthusiasts to stroll. Recently restored, Over-the-Rhine features a bustling arts scene, newly rehabbed loft apartments, and numerous bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. It is also home to Findlay Market, Ohio’s longest-running farmers market, as well as several annual festivals, and is bordered by the six-acre Washington Park.

Living Here

Situated on the Ohio River, Cincinnati is home to 300,000 people, with over one million living in the surrounding Greater Cincinnati area. Built around its own “seven hills” like ancient Rome, Cincinnati offers a vibrant riverfront and downtown, diverse neighborhoods, many beautiful parks, several world-class museums, and our one-of-a-kind “Cincinnati chili.”

Located 45 minutes to the north of Cincinnati, Dayton is the original home of the Wright brothers and rightly claims for itself the title “the birthplace of aviation.” Sitting at the “American crossroads” of I-70 and I-75, Dayton is also home to Urban Krag (an indoor climbing gym built inside an actual cathedral), the Wright Patterson Air Force base (where the “Dayton Accords” were signed during the Bosnian peace process), and several historic neighborhoods.

Corps members living in Southwest Ohio have a variety of options available when choosing where to live. Affordable housing of all kinds can be found in in the vicinity of both Cincinnati and Dayton, and many interesting neighborhoods are conveniently located near the schools in which our corps members teach. Living in or near the communities where they teach offers corps members the opportunity to take part in local activities, events, and celebrations, which are all valuable ways of connecting with students and their families outside the classroom.

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