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Teach For America Phoenix

Join a passionate community of leaders dedicated to improving educational opportunities for students in the city of Phoenix and across the state of Arizona. 

Over the last 28 years, the network has grown to over 1,100 alumni living and working in the Phoenix region. We’ve attracted talented corps members (three quarters of whom did not plan to enter education before Teach For America) and support a network of people who believe that all kids can learn and that change is possible in Phoenix. Eighty-four percent of these alumni work in roles impacting education or low-income communities.

In the years to come, we will evolve from 1000+ big to 1000+ strong in Arizona, by strengthening the ties that bind our community, learning from the diversity of perspectives, experiences, and pathways, and empowering our network to learn, collaborate, and take action together towards educational equity in Arizona.


Corps Members




Alumni Teachers


School Leaders and 5 School Systems Leaders

“TFA is a forever life-changing experience that unites so many of us together in hope towards a better future for all students.”

Jennifer Ho

Phoenix Corps Member 2005

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Alumni Affairs

Carminia Muñoz
Director, Alumni Network