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Teach For America New York Annual Report

We’re more than 7,000 strong—corps members, alumni, partners, and supporters—united by purpose and driven by possibility.

A Reflection on 2018: Charissa Fernández, Teach For America New York’s Executive Director, celebrates the power and potential of the TFA community.

  • The Problem And Opportunity As We See It

    Potential is equally distributed across lines of race and class, but opportunity is not.

    Since 1990, Teach For America New York has found, developed, and supported a diverse network of leaders at every level who expand opportunity for children from classrooms, schools, and every sector and field that shapes the broader system in which schools operate. Together, we can ensure that: One day, all children in New York City will have the opportunity to attend great neighborhood schools that support, inspire and challenge them to be the leaders our city needs.

  • Our Approach

    Commitment Begins: We recruit outstanding and talented individuals early in their careers who have demonstrated that they have the values and leadership skills necessary to expand opportunity for all children.

  • Commitment Takes Shape

    Great teaching is necessary for great classrooms and a profound act of leadership. We develop culturally responsive educators and alumni leaders who will accelerate learning, advocacy, and innovation inside and outside of the classroom. Our leaders advance the academic and personal growth of their students and help strengthen their schools, and in doing so expand their perspective, knowledge, and skill as educators, advocates, and system-change leaders.

  • Lifelong Commitment Continues

    Informed and inspired by their students, most alumni continue to lead in education or mission-aligned areas within the community. Teaming up with thousands of fellow education champions, civic leaders, mission-aligned organizations, and partners like you, these alumni continue to expand educational opportunities for children and inspire the next generation of leaders.

Our Current Corps

Here’s a look at the 499 first-and second-year teachers working with us – and you – to achieve educational equity.


People of Color


Low-Income Background


First in Family to Graduate College


Native New Yorkers

Where They Teach

Working with local partners, we are providing diverse educators equipped for long-term success in New York City schools.


School Partners in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn


District Schools


Charter Schools


Community-Based Organizations

Our Reach and Impact

Change requires sustained leadership inside and outside of the system and a broad and diverse coalition working together to change the status quo.

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As members of the Teach For America New York Board, it has been our honor to get to work with many notable leaders in our incredible community. This includes everyone from the corps members beginning their commitment to education equity for all in the classroom, to the alumni who have carried that commitment with them throughout their careers to affect change at every level. We are proud to be members of the Teach For America network and confident that due to the impact of our collective, our hopes for NYC students will become reality in our lifestyle. As we look ahead to this new year of possibility, we thank you and the thousands who are paving the way. Join us in celebrating just a few of these trailblazers.

Joseph V. Amato
Linnea Conrad Roberts

Board Co-Chairs
Teach For America New York

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Maribeth Casey
New York ‘18
Teacher, Brooklyn Kindergarten Society

As an early childhood educator, Maribeth Casey (N.Y. 2018) is the first line of defense against educational inequity in the city’s most underserved communities. A New York native hailing from Brooklyn - and a second generation corps member (her 11th grade math teacher was a TFA educator!) - she joined Teach For America to be the change she wants to see in her community. Knowing that in order to affect policy for low income communities, she needed to have concrete classroom experience, she joined Teach For America New York last year and never looked back. Learn more about Maribeth and her impact here.


Evan A. Shields
Metro Atlanta ‘12
Fund Manager, R4 Capital Funding LLC
Vice Chair of Engagement, Associate Board, Teach For America New York

After graduating from the University of Virginia in 2012, Evan Shields (Metro Atlanta, 2012) followed in the footsteps of two generations of his family and served as a high school math teacher in underserved communities across Atlanta, G.A. Today, as a resident of New York City, this aspiring global leader in real estate and community development continues his commitment to serving our most vulnerable populations. In his current role, Evan manages a $1.5B affordable housing investment fund, putting nearly 4,600 low-income families, seniors, and formerly homeless individuals in great homes in 30+ states across the country. Learn more about Evan and his impact here.


The Hamilton Grange Middle School
Teach For America New York partner school

When we envision “One Day” in NYC we envision great neighborhood schools for all kids in this city. You can’t talk about great neighborhood schools without mentioning The Hamilton Grange Middle School in West Harlem. The public middle school founded by TFA alumni Benjamin Lev, Principal (NY ’04) and Shakira Lleras, Instructional Coach (NY '01) is rooted in the principle that hard work yields talent, intelligence, and success. The Hamilton Grange Middle School (including its nine Teach For America corps members and alumni staff) prepares students to consistently strive to reach further and embrace rigor and hard work to better themselves and their communities. They have been named a Teach For America “School to Learn From”, a NYC DOE Showcase School for the second year in a row, a NY State Reward School for Progress, and NYC Teaching Academy School for Pre-Service Teachers. Learn more about The Hamilton Grange Middle School and its impact here and at One Day magazine.


Sandy Ferguson
New York ‘90
Executive Director of Program Support and Development: Special Education Office, New York City Department of Education

Sandy Ferguson and his team focus on developing and implementing plans for program expansion, system support, and principal professional development. Sandy has worked in New York City’s central offices since 2005. Thanks to Teach For America, the classroom is where he started, and he always understands things from the perspective of the school-based practitioner. He began as a teacher in the first TFA cohort in the South Bronx in 1990. A small-town kid stepping into the “big city,” he felt that his first class of 6th graders taught him more than he ever taught them! From that first day in the classroom, Sandy has been a ceaseless advocate for high-quality education for every child. He is able to put all of the skills he’s picked up along the way to supporting students who need it most. Special Education program development and implementation are both intensely personal and profoundly systemic. In this role, more than any other, Sandy can see the incredible range of inter-connected communities that we all serve together. Learn more about Sandy and his impact here.


Teens Take Charge
Student run NYC-based advocacy group

Teens Take Charge is a program of The Bell, a nonprofit founded by TFA NY Associate Board Co-Chair Adrian Uribarri (Chicago, ‘10) and fellow Teach For America alumnus Taylor McGraw (NY ‘12), devoted to elevating student voices in the education conversation. This next generation of civic leaders includes 50 active members representing more than 30 high schools across all 5 boroughs. They are well-respected, media-savvy, and committed to educational equity and inclusivity, with a direct line of communication to the chancellor of the largest school system in the nation. Learn more about Teens Take Charge and its students’ impact here.


Thank You to Our Supporters and Board

Our work would not be possible without the generosity of our supporters. Thank you for your partnership and belief in the potential of all New York City children.

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Thank you to all our supporters who expand opportunities for NYC students, and believe in their potential and wisdom.