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TFA NY teachers and students

Teach For America corps members and alumni continue to hold a high bar for students and educators. Through their work in and outside of the classroom, they demonstrate their commitment to equity and excellence.

Our Impact

Teach For America corps members and alumni from all over the country have been crucial to education innovation and reform in NYC, forming the backbone of the founding teams of schools and initiatives across the city. 75% of TFA NY alumni
continue to work in fields impacting education or low-income communities

Today more than 5,600 TFA alumni—approximately half of whom did the corps in another region other than NYC—live and work in NYC. They have been a source of talent and leadership at every level to support the educational progress over the past decade.

School Leadership

More than 500 alumni are leading schools as principals, assistant principals, executive directors, and deans and 39
alumni work as school system leaders (superintendents, chief academic officers, etc.). Alumni have also founded new district and charter schools, often staffing their schools with teams of fellow alumni. Together, at schools like KIPP, PAVE, WHEELS, and Eagle Academy, they are helping kids beat the odds.

Alumni lead networks of schools and critical system-wide initiatives. Examples include CMO founders Dave Levin and Morty Ballen and senior current and former DOE leaders like Cami Anderson, Johannah Chase, Sarah Jonas, Sophia Pappas, Paymon Rouhanifard, Marc Sternberg, Amy Way and John White. The New York Times Editorial Board recently named three TFA alumni as strong candidates for Chancellor.

Nonprofit Leadership

TFA alumni have founded at least 25 opportunity-expanding nonprofit organizations, such a Blue Engine, Springboard Collaborative, Co-Op, Goals Genius, The Bell, ImmSchools, Kinvolved, NYC Urban Debate League, and STEM From Dance. TFA alumni are also influential in philanthropy as program officers and directors at Ford, Gates, Overdeck, Robin Hood, Walton Family Foundation, and New York Community Trust.

Policy & Advocacy

Our alumni are serving in local policy roles, with Mark Levine on the city council and three alumni serving on community education councils.

Alumni are also actively advocating for NYC students through organizations such as Educators 4 Excellence, Families for Excellent Schools, and Advocates for Children.

TFA corps members and alumni are among the loudest voices calling for protecting DACA students and teachers, equitable pay for pre-K teachers, diversity in the education workforce, culturally responsive education, and restorative justice practices.


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Alumni Work in Fields Impacting Education or Low-Income Communities


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