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Greater Cleveland corps members will receive a four-year resident educator license in Ohio.

Becoming Certified to Teach

What are the eligibility requirements for a resident educator license in Ohio?

In April 2011, the state of Ohio passed a law that made it possible for Teach For America corps members to obtain a resident educator license in to teach in Ohio. According to this law, corps members need to meet the following requirements to obtain their teaching license:

  1. Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education
  2. Maintain a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0
  3. Pass the Ohio Assessment for Educators subject area exams that match the subject assignment from TFA prior to their first day of teaching
  4. Successfully complete Teach For America Institute Training
  5. Maintain active membership in Teach For America  
  6. Pass an Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and FBI criminal background check

Corps members will also need to

  • Provide two copies of their degree-conferred transcript from an accredited college or university
  • Pay a $160-200 fee to the Ohio Department of Education for your teaching license

To be eligible for hire by our placement partners, corps members need to be considered Highly Qualified Teachers (HQT) under state law. Meeting all the components of the criteria listed above, and successfully obtaining a resident educator license, will result in qualifying you as a Highly Qualified Teacher. The certification earned through this process is effective for four years and can be renewed.

Is a master’s degree required?

No. Earning a master’s degree is an option available to corps members, but it is not required. 

Graduate School

By participating in the Greater Cleveland corps, you have the option to earn a master's in education from Johns Hopkins University. This program will take two years to complete.

TFA Training

What to Expect

Teach For America hosts training that takes place for five to seven weeks during the summer and include learning experiences and summer school teaching. The first week of summer training, called induction, takes place in Cleveland. For the remaining weeks, corps members will attend a national institute with corps members from multiple regions. 

Estimated Costs

  • Certification Exams $210-315 (depending on subject area)
  • Certification Practice Tests $60
  • Travel to summer training: $200-$600
  • Ohio License Application: $160-$200

Support Team 

Our corps member support team is here to guide you through becoming a teacher, your first day in the classroom and beyond.

Jessica Neidhart, managing director of Corps Member Development, leads our managers of corps member development and manages all professional learning in the Greater Cleveland region.