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Connecticut Welcomes Two New Staff Members

Frank Costanzo

Frank Costanzo will serve as the Senior Managing Director of Programs and Innovation for the region. An adjunct professor and graduate student coach at Columbia University’s Teachers College, Costanzo will oversee the entire participant journey from recruitment to incoming corps members, teachers in more than 10 different subjects from Pre-K through Grade 12 that join TFA, through the two-year corps member experience through alumni status. Constanzo boasts nearly 20 years of experience working in public school districts and previously served as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the Norwalk Public Schools for six years, supervising principals, district and school improvement strategies, health services, district security, and human resources. 

Krista Schroth

Krista Schroth will serve in the role of Director of Alumni Programs after previously working as the Manager of Program Operations & Alumni Communication for the region. Schroth worked as Leadership Program Manager and Student Engagement and Leadership at The College of William & Mary, prior to her time with Teach For America Connecticut. Schroth also served as Program Coordinator for the Sarah Michelle Peterson Foundation, which provides depression and suicide prevention awareness programs and resources for the Hampton Roads communities and beyond in Virigina. Schroth was a Teach For America Corps Member from 2012-2014 where she administered practical field and classroom activities to assist students in meeting course objectives.

A woman wearing glasses and a flower brooch.

Dr. Dolores Garcia-Blocker

Executive Director

Teach For America Connecticut

Dr. Dolores Garcia-Blocker is a lifelong educator with more than 30 years of experience working in public school systems.  She started as a teacher in Washington, D.C., led schools in New York and Connecticut, and has held district leadership roles for the last 10 years in Connecticut.  

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Meet Our Staff

Senior Managing Director, Programs and Innovation

Frank Costanzo, Ed.D.

(he/him/his) Frank leads oversight of the entire participant journey from recruitment through alumnihood. You can reach Frank at

amina brown

Managing Director, Program Impact and Experience

Amina Brown



(she/her/hers) Amina leads the incoming corps member phase from selection through pre-service and supports certification compliance. You can reach Amina at

kelly pope

Managing Director, Strategy, Talent, Operations

Kelly Pope

(she/her/hers) Kelly leads the operational and talent processes for the regional team. You can reach Kelly at

grace collins

Managing Director, Teacher Leadership Development

Grace Collins



(she/her/hers) Grace leads our team of coaches in supporting Connecticut corps members. You can reach Grace at

Jessica Argenas

Director of Finance, Data, Compliance

Jessica Argenas



(she/her/hers) Jessica develops, implements, and evaluates the regional data and finance strategy. You can reach Jessica at

Ayanna vinson dobson

Director, Corps Member Program Design and Delivery

Ayanna Vinson Dobson



(she/her/hers) Ayanna leads the design and delivery of programming for in-service corps members. You can reach Ayanna at

Krista Schroth


Krista Schroth



(she/her/hers) Krista sets the vision and direction for our alumni culture, network, and engagement. You can reach Krista at