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Teach for America Bay Area

Since 1991, Teach For America has worked alongside our partners in the Bay Area in to create opportunities for kids in our most underserved communities.

Change is happening across the Bay Area.

Take Richmond, for example. Over two decades ago, the Richmond Unified School District went bankrupt and planned to close all of its schools. Concerned parents, led by Tom Butt, had to sue California to keep the schools open, which required the state to lend the district $29 million. At a 5.7 percent interest rate, however, the district continued to struggle. To help turn the tides, Wendy Gonzalez, a concerned first-year teacher, and others marched to Sacramento on a hunger strike to lower the rates. Even with lowered rates, Richmond became the first district in California—and possibly the nation—to be taken over by the state.

After 21 years of receivership, the district has successfully repaid all of its debt and renamed itself the West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD).

Currently, Teach For America alum Matthew Duffy (New York Corps '95) leads WCCUSD as superintendent. He works closely with our United Teachers of Richmond (UTR) President Marissa Glidden (Bay Area Corps '13).

Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) has been named the most improved urban school district in the state of California. Longtime community organizer Ron Snyder, executive director of Oakland Community Organizations, believes the bonds Teach For America corps members and alumni have forged with the community have played a vital role in Oakland’s burgeoning turnaround. “They began to work with teachers and parents,” he says of their efforts, “house to house, school to school, church to church—creating an appetite for improvement."

From Oakland to Richmond, South Bay to San Francisco, the Bay Area is ripe for corps members like you to pull up their sleeves and work in tandem with leaders in the community to answer the question, “What does a quality education look like for all students in this community?”

A Force for Change


Corps Members


Alumni with more 1,000 alumni working in schools across the Bay: 750 alumni teachers, and more than 340 alumni in school and network leadership roles

A Diverse Network of Leaders

Each of us brings unique strengths to this work based on our identities and life experiences. Here’s a snapshot of our 2018 corps diversity.


of our corps identify as Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color


identify as being from a low-income background

“For many of us, what started as a two-year commitment has turned into a lifelong mission. Whether in the classroom, or in union and system leadership, or work in education technology, you see a passion among our alumni to do whatever it takes to eliminate the inequities our children face every day.”

Paymon Zarghami

Former Trustee, San Jose Unified School District Board

Bay Area Corps Member 2004

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