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Teach For America Buffalo now offers a two year fellowship for alumni of the corps who aspire to become school leaders in Buffalo.

The collective impact of Teach For America alumni members in Buffalo is transforming educational opportunities for kids at the classroom, school, and system level. Over the last 8 years, our two-year corps program placed 131 teachers in high-need positions. Our TFA alumni community now consists of 7 school administrators and principals and 4 alumni led schools with 38% of our teachers working in traditional public school districts.

In response to the talent needs of our long-time school partners, Teach For America Buffalo now offers an additional two-year Aspiring School Leaders of Buffalo Fellowship. Through cohort-based learning, mentoring/coaching, and other unique professional development our fellows will gain the leadership experience needed to create systems change in Buffalo.

Become a School Leader and make a change

Teach For America Buffalo’s Aspiring School Leader Fellowship is a highly selective, two-year leadership development program with two key program Pillars:

Human-Centered Leadership

Our cohorts will in engage in Human Centered Leadership development focusing on:

  1. Building trust and creating a psychologically safe workspace
  2. Aligning meaning and purpose between school staff, school leaders and the schools mission
  3. Their ability to grow and develop their school staff through coaching and mentoring
  4. Their ability to empathize and take action in the face of adversity

Equity-Oriented Leadership

Our cohorts will in engage in Equity Oriented Leadership by leading for equity, valuing diversity inclusion and belonging, and being actively anti-racist.

  1. Drives strategic and innovative change.
  2. Builds an inclusive and affirming school culture.
  3. Supports effective staff professional learning and collaboration.
  4. Facilitates excellent and equitable learning.
  5. Engages in personal learning and development.

Benefits of becoming an Aspiring School Leader Fellow (ASLBF)

  1. Join a community of dedicated educators committed to continuing their growth as leaders in and dedicated to making change in Buffalo
  2. Remain connected to the Teach For America community while continuing to build your network with fellow educators and advocates for educational equity in Buffalo and New York State
  3. Learn through leadership coaching, professional development and collaboration centered on authentic and impactful leadership and systems impact
  4. Tuition Assistance: Fellows will receive a 30% discount on tuition costs for the School Building Leader Advanced Certificate program, School District Leader Advanced Certificate program, School District Business Leader Advanced Certificate program or the Master's in Educational Leadership and Supervision.

What is the commitment?

Commit to fully participating in the fellowship’s components for two-years including the completion of one of the following programs at Canisius College.

  1. School Building Leadership Certification
  2. School District Leadership Certification
  3. School Business Leadership Certification
  4. Master's in Educational Leadership and Supervision

Commit to serving the Buffalo community as a school leader for two years.

Candidate Profile

  1. Must be a Teach For America alumni
  2. 3+ years in education
  3. Willing to work in a student-facing leadership role for at least 2 years in Buffalo
  4. Eagerness to participate in professional development opportunities as outlined by the fellowship

How to Apply

 Application Now Open! Apply Here

Application Components

1. Resume/ CV
2. Short response application questions
3. Two Essays (Personal Statement & Prompt)
4. Submit Undergrad and/or Graduate transcripts: Note* If you are a bachelor degree holder with 3+ years of experience you may still apply but will need to complete a Master's in Educational Leadership and Supervision program to meet New York State's requirements.
5. Recommendation letters