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Twenty-five years. 47,000 teachers. 37,000+ alumni. Millions of kids. That's a lot of students, and a lot of people working in and out of the classroom to expand educational opportunities in America. And everyone's got a story. Here is the place to share them.

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In our latest episode of the podcast, Jonathan Supovitz and Alan Daly of the Consortium for Policy Research in Education join us to talk about how Twitter conversation about Common Core actually affects policy decisions.
There have been calls for Baltimore itself to return to “normal" in light of the city's recent unrest. However, we owe it to our students to do better than normal to make good on the promise of equity.
Talking about race with a 15-month-old isn't insurmountable
With his parents in prison, Ricardo Govea's perseverance and support from his teachers have helped him pursue his dreams and achieve them. Read his inspiring story.
As an undocumented teen, Jaime Ballesteros thought college was an impossible dream before breaking the glass ceiling. Now, as a teacher, he's challenging all his students to excel while helping those with the dilemma he once faced.
Fewer than 6 percent of medical students in the United States come from the nation’s lowest income quartile. One TFA alum is working to make careers in medicine an option for all students.
Chris Scribner felt a debt to his teachers for pulling him out of a personal abyss, so he joined Teach For America. Read what he's done for his high school students in Alabama to earn Teacher of the Year honors in his city.
From colonization until recent American history, schools were denied the flexibility and freedom to do what the Native American Community Academy has done: offer an education that’s truly indigenous.
"I'm helping others to learn how they should treat the world."
Discover how teachers can spot and support some of the 1.6 million American kids coping with homelessness—and learn about a film on the topic that is premiering tonight.