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Top Stories

April 13, 2016
Steven Askar (San Diego '15) is celebrating the Week of the Young Child in the classroom and at home. Read more about the lessons he learned from his fledgling learners and how they applied to his newborn son.
April 13, 2016
Nearly 8 out of 10 lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender students report being harassed at school. The cultivation of safe and affirming spaces for LGBTQ students is essential.
April 12, 2016
This is the first of a series of reflections on aspects of our work which Teach For America CEO Elisa Villanueva Beard will share periodically with our community. Today, she's writing on one of the most important facets of TFA: recruiting future corps members.
April 5, 2016
Before he started working at Google, Charles Lai (Dallas-Fort Worth ’11) taught middle school math with Teach For America.
March 31, 2016
Michael Griffin (Mississippi ‘05) credits Teach For America with cultivating essential skills that later helped him on Obama's campaign trail and as a political appointee.
April 1, 2016
Teach For America plays matchmaker with new dating app for leaders and advocates in the movement for educational equity
March 24, 2016
Ready to apply to Teach For America? Prepare with some of our top application tips.
March 23, 2016
Regional Leaders Reflect on What TFA’s Restructuring Means
March 23, 2016
From following your dreams and how to write the perfect cover letter to social justice and personal development, survive spring semester and prep for your next steps with this special book list tailored just for you.
March 23, 2016
Teach For America helped Eddy Hernandez Perez (San Antonio ’10) refine his lifelong commitment to education and the community.


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