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DACAmented teacher Jaime Ballesteros
As an undocumented teen, Jaime Ballesteros thought college was an impossible dream before breaking the glass ceiling. Now, as a teacher, he's challenging all his students to excel while helping those with the dilemma he once faced.
A homeless student from The Homestretch documentary
Discover how teachers can spot and support some of the 1.6 million American kids coping with homelessness—and learn about a film on the topic that is premiering tonight.
Talking about race with a 15-month-old isn't insurmountable
Read about three choices preschool teachers can make to address challenging behaviors.
South Dakota reservation
The use of Native mascots undermines the heritage of thousands of American Indian students.
Let’s clear up a few points of confusion: Special education is not a place, not a subject, not an identity.
Chris Diaz (Jacksonville '11) with his former students Joandeliz (left) and T.J. (right).
For the past year, Chris Diaz has been coaching Teach For America corps members in Jacksonville. However, he explains what's compelling him to return to the classroom as a teacher this fall.