One Day

Clint Smith Has a French Fry Problem—Oh, and a New Book

The dynamic poet and writer tells us his media diet (and fast food habits), shares a favorite poem, and explains why he’s in awe every day that he’s able to do this work.
Leah Fabel

Jim Foley's Legacy

Two years after his death, his light reaches from the world’s most dangerous conflict zones to a Chicago student art gallery sharing visions of peace
Leah Fabel

Match.Corps: A Dorky Feedback Ritual Leads to Love

For Gaby and David Omenn, a trip to Hawai’i and a work-inspired feedback loop were the keys.
Keesa McKoy

In Photos: A Day of Composting in Los Angeles

See how the founder of L.A. Compost works with students to create soil—and build community—in his hometown.
Carl Finer

Many Homelands, One Classroom

A group of students walk through a forest in Germany.
Maria Litwa
In Germany, a Teach First Deutschland fellow makes sure refugee students and others with roots elsewhere have a place “where they can just be students."
Ting Yu

The Enormous Efforts To Retain Young Principals in Dallas

One in two new school leaders leaves the job within three years. With enough supports, can Dallas reverse the trend?
Leah Fabel

Hartford: Integrating Schools in a Segregated Place

Greater Hartford is one of the few places in America with successful, voluntary student integration. One reason why is that citizens haven’t stopped pushing for more—and better.
Tim Kennedy

Charlotte: Confronting Segregation in the New South

A woman stands next to a bus at the Levin Museum of the New South
Janeen Bryant—pictured here at the Levine Museum of the New South—says Charlotte’s “progressive” pride has been wounded by the re-segregation of its schools: “There’s a lot of mythology that has to be nurtured in Charlotte.”
Mike Carroll
For a generation, Charlotte was “the city that made busing work.” Then, as the city’s star rose, things changed. Can a community whose identity is rooted in progress diversify its schools?
Tim Kennedy

Is School Integration the Answer... Again?

A woman standing in front of the the capitol building in Hartford.
Elizabeth Horton Sheff near the Connecticut State Capitol
Andrew Henderson
As the nation grows more diverse, the moral and logical imperatives grow more urgent.
Susan Brenna

9 Pets That Brightened the Lives of Teachers

Teaching is hard. Fawning over these photos is easy. We're not ashamed.
Tim Kennedy