One Day

Crafty Pre-K Kits Give Cleveland Kids a Head Start

A man
Ben Colas
Dustin Franz
Shaving cream, Froot Loops, and beans – just a few of the things this Cleveland teacher is using to get students kindergarten-ready.
Paula Ann Solis

In Bulgaria: A Software Developer Hacks a Future for His Community

A man standing
Emo Kadiyski
Jodi Hilton
Social entrepreneur Emo Kadiyski thinks his struggling home town of Vratsa, Bulgaria, can be a leading software development hub. He shares his story and vision with One Day.
Tim Kennedy

Equal Voices: How a Diverse Coalition is Changing Houston Schools

Four girls sitting in front of a mural
Annie Mulligan
A group of citizen-advocates scored a win when Houston Independent School District was persuaded to change its discipline policies. Now this network is taking on new fights.
Paula Ann Solis

In Minneapolis, One Student from Kenya Found a Champion and a Dream

A woman sitting
Jenn Ackerman
Encouraged by a favorite teacher, a student of Somali heritage has a goal: bring agriculture engineering expertise to her native Kenya
Leah Fabel

Match.Corps: These Semi-Pro Football Players Make an All-Star Couple

Whether on a middle school dance floor, or on the gridiron for the North Florida Pumas, Jane and Shea Martin are playing for keeps
Paula Ann Solis

Radio Reporter Kyle Palmer is Handing Teachers the Mic

Palmer’s No Wrong Answers podcast brings new meaning to using your “teacher voice.”
Paula Ann Solis

From Louisiana Schools to San Diego Salt Marshes

For hydrologist Lindsey Sheehan, getting stuck in the mud is part of the "coolest job ever"
Leah Fabel

Say Yes to Computer Science

It’s time to make CS as foundational to the curriculum as reading and math. First we have to solve four problems holding us back.
Tom O'Connell

In a Navajo Nation Town, Student Coders Step Up

How can educators stop the brain drain that threatens the survival of a nation’s language and culture? By building a computer science education ecosystem.
Tim Kennedy

Students Nix Stereotypes, Entrepreneurs Seek a Future in Appalachia

A young man in front of a fence
John Brady Brock
Jacob Biba
Now that city-dwelling Americans are tuning in to places like Harlan County, educators, students and entrepreneurs would like to set a few things straight.
Susan Brenna