One Day

Five Questions for Louisiana Recovery District Chief Kunjan Narechania

As oversight of New Orleans schools shifts once again, Kunjan Narechania knows that everyone is watching, and the stakes are high.
Ting Yu

These Nine Podcasts from Our Friends Have What You Need

A Man
DeRay McKesson
We scoured the WiFi waves to bring you these podcasts, hosted by alumni, that range over all sorts of topics. Are you woke? Raising bilingual kids? Curious if sharing a Netflix password is illegal?
Faviola Leyva
Paula Ann Solis

The Real Risk Is Innovators Learning in Isolation

When we talk about innovation, we’re not arguing breakthroughs versus incrementalism. Advancing educational opportunity for all will come from both.
Elisa Villanueva Beard

Teaching Is Ripe for Machine Assistance

Can machines replace teachers? Hardly. Can they automate chores and alter how teachers spend their precious time? A former teacher says it’s inevitable.
Thomas Arnett

Parents Ask: What If?

So maybe you wouldn’t or couldn’t do what these parents did. But their choices expand the way we think about learning.
Ting Yu

$125,000 in Prizes Awarded to Education Social Innovators

A group
2017 Social Innovation Award Finalists
Marie De Jesus
Students building houses and earning scholarships. A project to hack school. Help for special education teachers. Meet the winners of Teach For America’s 2017 Social Innovation Awards.
Paula Ann Solis

Imagining a Super School: A True Comic

9th grader Naia is into her new school and its big plans for VR, AI, and student side hustles. Take the tour.
Leah Fabel

Oakland Students Test a New Kind of School in Thailand

Visit Mae Sariang, where 11 students traveled 7,700 miles to see if an American public school can deliver an immersive international education.
Tim Kennedy

Back to the Future with a New Kind of Open Classroom School

For a school leader in Denver, constructing a school meant springing teachers and students from classroom isolation and imagining a new approach to open space.
Boyce Upholt

In a Wildly Changing World, A School Hits Reset

Achievement First Greenfield is what happened when a school network said its best wasn’t good enough. A new design comes alive.
Leah Fabel