One Day

Three in 360: Travel Cross-Country and Back to School

A Baltimore boarding school student, an Eastern Washington farm girl, a New York Mom and beginning teacher: compare their school routes with yours in 360 interactive video.
Joel Serin-Christ

District Reform, Community Effort

Meet the winner and finalist of the 2017 Peter Jennings Award for Civic Leadership, honoring alumni whose work has led to transformational change in the past year.
The TFA Editorial Team

An Urgent Call from the Delta, Years Later

Michelle Kuo returned to the Delta after law school to help a former student in crisis. She spoke with Arkansas native Eric Dailey about leaving, returning, and the power of two people reading together.

Hurricane Harvey: How to Help

As we hear from our Houston friends and colleagues, we will update this page on ways you can help with immediate needs and longer-term recovery.
Susan Brenna

Bringing a New Kind of Horsepower to Detroit

A free horse camp teaches equestrian techniques and life skills to city students
Paula Ann Solis

New Chances with a New Model for College

Two people standing
Kevin Martinez
Students who started college but never earned degrees are given another shot, thanks to innovative hybrids
Susan Brenna

Tamila Gresham is Working to Make Hollywood Represent

Hollywood hasn’t done a great job reflecting America’s diversity back to its audience. Tamila Gresham shares how a student inspired her to try to change that, some of her favorite shows, and a season four OITNB spoiler (beware!)
Paula Ann Solis

The Path: Esther Mulder

At the age of 11, Esther Mulder (Jacksonville ’08) was placed in foster care. Spurred by those who believed in her, today she’s a public defender. Follow her remarkable path.
Paula Ann Solis

Match.Corps: From the Heat of Summer Institute to “I Do”

For Jordan and Maria, a summer institute romance was only the beginning.
Paula Ann Solis

Student Centered

Meet the exceptional students of RISE High who are re-imagining what high school should look like.
Carl Finer