One Day

2015 Peter Jennings Award Winners

Three adult stand next to each other on a stage with a white curtain behind them; one the left, a smiling woman in a periwinkle dress and white sweater; in the middle, a straight-faced male in a t-shirt and blue vest with his right fist raised; on the right, a straight-faced woman in a t-shirt and white blazer.
DeRay Mckesson and Brittany Packnett received the award from Kaycee Jennings.
The Peter Jennings Award for Civic Leadership honors alumni whose work has led to transformational change in the past year.
Ting Yu

After the Quake: Teaching in Nepal

A waterlogged book lays on a pile of brown brick rubble.
Amid the calamity of demolished homes and lost lives, Nepalese students missed months of school following the earthquakes. Nationwide, the recovery is far from complete.
After two major earthquakes, a Teach For Nepal teacher explains how her work has changed and how you can still help.
Tim Kennedy

Attorney on the Move

How one attorney quit her job to travel the country and make a difference.
Keesa McKoy