One Day

Video: Teaira Lewis, Grown Up

In this short doc, Teaira Lewis talks about growing up in Baltimore and the teachers who helped guide her.
Leah Fabel

When Students Grow Up

Six former students of corps members talk about their success and the people who made it possible.
Leah Fabel

The Hawaiian Way

A view from a hill of the pacific ocean and a tropical island on a bright sunny day.
In 2006, its regional launch year, Hawai'i’s Teach For America corps included four residents of the state. The 2014 corps, by contrast, is 10 percent Native Hawaiian, and more than a third were already residents of the state.
Kristin Szczepaniec
On the islands, success in school and out is all about the good of the collective.
Susan Brenna

The Literacy Gap Explained in Numbers

An elementary school-aged girl with curly brown braided hair sitting on a couch reading a book with an elementary-school-aged boy with a shaved head and a red t-shirt.
Kyle Grantham
The boy-girl reading gap is slowly closing. See how the numbers stack up.
Tim Kennedy

What’s Next for New Orleans?

A decade after Katrina, looking ahead for New Orleans schools and students.
Ting Yu

Top Teachers Tell All

From Daniel Day-Lewis to dancing on desks, award-winning alumni teachers reveal their secrets.
Tim Kennedy

Great Expectations

A high-school-aged girl in a black shirt with thick straight black hair tied up, in a classroom, looking up from her work.
Khanh Huynh came to the United States from Vietnam when she was 9 years old. She spoke almost no English, but immediately felt pressure to excel. “If you don’t fit into the Asian stereotype, people think you’re stupid.”
Sean Proctor
Obscured by the “model minority” myth, Asian American students like Khanh Huynh can struggle to get the help they need.
Ting Yu

In and Out of Teaching

A man in a wide-brimmed hat and a blue shirt in a field, taking notes about a pair of mongooses.
Ed Kabay was a teacher before leaving to research meerkat behavior in the Kalahari Desert. Now, he’s back in the classroom.
How many years do Teach For America corps members and alumni actually teach?
Susan Brenna

Chicago Hope

Two young women in white shirts cross the street, with a train on raised tracks visible in the background.
Sally Ryan
When students have the will to be leaders for social change, how can their schools support them?
Leah Fabel

The ‘Institute’ of Marriage

They fell for each other at summer institute… And it actually lasted.
Keesa McKoy