One Day

Leading a Movement to Shut Down Youth Prisons in New Jersey

A woman speaking to a crowd
Last June, more than 300 people gathered outside the gates of the New Jersey Training School for Boys ( known as "Jamesburg") to call for its closure after 150 years as a youth prison. Attorney Andrea McChristian addressed the rally.
Dan Hedden
Critics say New Jersey’s youth prisons are wildly expensive and a relic of the past.
Susan Brenna

Led by Faith

From a nun who uses Snapchat to connect with believers to a lawyer who fights for Muslims’ constitutional rights, these alums put faith at the center of all they do.
Paula Ann Solis

These Student Storytellers Are Getting Seen

A woman with a camera
Kevin Martinez
In the Rio Grande Valley, a group of film students are creating prize-winning work that reflects the better world they want to live in.
Paula Ann Solis

Twelve Books to Add to Your Inclusive Library

A project to build up book collections for LGBTQ youth inspired these suggestions for your own reading list (and your classroom).

Match.Corps: Learning to Fly

When Adnan met Christina, two people with their eyes on the stars turned their focus to one another.
Paula Ann Solis

Team Rhode Island Goes For Gold in the Special Olympics

The points this unified basketball team puts on a scoreboard are far from their most impressive feat. That would be the friendships made on the court.
Paula Ann Solis

Meet the Finalists for Teach For America's Social Innovation Award

Camps for Navajo youth, art classes for distressed undocumented families, and sex education via phones. Meet the finalists for Teach For America's 2018 Social Innovation Awards.
Paula Ann Solis

Help From Peers Increases Chances for College Success

Two students at Cal State L.A. sitting
Nick Agro
In L.A., an innovative mentorship program is helping first-generation college students jump the early hurdles.
Joel Serin-Christ

CNN Correspondent Kristen Holmes is Always Chasing a Good Story

From wildfires to royal weddings—she does it all without skipping a beat (or tweet).
Paula Ann Solis

Greetings from City Hall

Five alums in local government tell all about their cities (and one tiny town).
Paula Ann Solis