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Get Out the Vote: TFA Alum Makes a Difference with

Aviva Rosman (Chicago ’10) co-founded a nonpartisan, online voter guide to help citizens learn more about local referendums and candidates.
Thursday, November 3, 2016

Teach For America alum Aviva Rosman (Chicago ’10) entered the corps a seasoned political junkie. In college she even took a semester off to work on a congressional campaign. But after entering the corps and developing a deeper understanding of education policy, and other policies affecting her students, she soon realized that it wasn’t the decisions made at the national level that had the most impact on her students, it was those made by state and local elected officials. (Aviva, herself, was elected to a Chicago Local School Council and believes her voice made a difference for students with disabilities in the school where she served.)

It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that Aviva has taken her passion for politics to co-found BallotReady, a nonpartisan online voter guide that makes it easy for voters to learn about the candidates and referendums—from national to state and local—that will appear on ballots during election season.

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Now established in 12 states, BallotReady doesn’t just provide voters with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions when they cast their ballots, but also works with high school teachers to create a curriculum around local election information and even helps seniors register to vote.

“I think achieving One Day will require great elected officials,” Aviva says. “Not just a committed president, but also qualified city councilmen, school board members, county commissioners, and judges.”

To learn more about BallotReady as you head to the ballot box this election season, visit

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