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Spruce Up Your Assignments with Socratic

March 23, 2017
Spruce Up Your Assignments with Socratic

As teachers, we all have our go-to assignments that are highly effective, but it can be challenging to find new ways to increase student engagement, especially when spring fever sets in. One solution: Socratic! Socratic is a mobile learning app built for students. Simply take a picture of a question and get tons of scaffolded, highly visual, teacher-approved (and created) content that not only answers the question, but explains it, too! There are endless ways to spruce up assignments using Socratic, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Test Corrections

Corrections are an effective way to identify gaps in understanding. Digging through textbooks or googling every question can be very time consuming. With Socratic, students can quickly snap a pic with their device and get all the relevant information they need to fill any gaps in content knowledge. The best part? The information is presented in more than one way to suit the many learning styles of your students...built-in differentiation! Oh, and if you’re really tight on class time, now your students have a resource to complete this assignment at home.

2. Vocabulary

Starting a new unit? Reviewing for a test? Making flashcards? Use Socratic to get definitions (and context) fast.

3. Exploring New Topics

Engaging with content at the start of a unit is an excellent way to get your students excited about what’s to come. Students already use their phones to check  the latest news, so what better way to amp up engagement than using Socratic to explore future units.

We’ll leave you with this: Imagine key terms, new topics, and commonly missed test questions written on chart paper around your classroom, while your students circulate the room, snapping pics, and diving into the content. Give it a try and let us know how it goes in the comments!