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Happy Love Teaching Week

February 12, 2015
heart TeacherPop has never been known to turn down an opportunity to celebrate teaching, which is why we’re thrilled to spread the word about Love Teaching Week! In conjunction with Valentine’s Day, teachers across the country are taking to social media to talk about why they #LoveTeaching. The campaign aims to “shine a light on all the good teaching has to offer,” and squash all those false rumors that teaching isn’t the awesome, meaningful career that we all know it to be. We asked some of our favorite TeacherPop-ers to tell us why they love teaching:

What I love about teaching is the adventure that comes with it. My students and I are constantly pushing each other outside of our comfort zones, and those have been the most fruitful moments together in class. Every single day is its own exciting, quirky, and challenging journey. Education is not meant to be safe and simple but rather vast and challenging.

--Emma Volpe, 5th grade social studies, Nashville

After three years of teaching, I have become more attached to these little people than I ever thought possible. I return because they deserve every ounce of my energy and creativity. These bright minds are counting on us, as educators, to give them the tools necessary to go forward into their futures with confidence. Their curious minds are constantly changing my perspective on the world we share. 

--Lauren Barber, 2nd and 3rd grade special education, Baltimore

I teach because my best self is when I give my best back to the world. I can't imagine another career that asks so much of you, but I want to be a little exhausted at the end of the day. If I am not, was what I did that day really worth it? 

--Cody Wilson, kindergarten, Indianapolis

One of my 8th graders got dumped this week. This was not common teacher knowledge, but when he passed me in the hallway after lunch he looked like he was going to punch someone. I saw him in the hallway later that day and asked him if everything was okay. I expected to be shrugged off, but he surprised me with honesty. “Oh, I’m just going through a hard time right now. But thanks for asking, Miss.” Tears came to my eyes. It is six months into the school year, and I’ve finally won over Pedro. Moments like these are the reward. Moments like these are why I love teaching.

--Emily Garver, 8th grade U.S. history, Houston

I always feel whole, happy, and inspired when I teach. The exhaustion I feel at the end of the day is worth it because I know it means I put a lot of care, energy, compassion, and self into that school day. I teach because I have so much faith and pride in our nation's youth and their ability to do amazing things. I teach because as a high schooler, I looked up to the teachers who cared about me, not just as their student, but as a human being, and I want to be that teacher for my kids.

--Dylan Manderlink, digital comms, Cherry Valley (Arkansas)

Love conquers all, my friends. Share this post on Twitter with the hashtag #LoveTeaching, and have a happy Valentine’s Day!