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Free Texts Organized by Theme (or an ELA Teacher’s Dream)

March 2, 2015
book reading jane eyre every night searching for free news articles, poems, or short stories that I could coherently pair with novels. The process was incredibly frustrating—it seemed like everywhere I looked, there was a paywall, login, district code, or page view limit getting in the way of content I needed to do my job well. CommonLit.Org is a new website where teachers can access a free collection of poems, short stories, news articles, and historical documents—all organized by fourteen themes commonly taught in middle and high school ELA courses. Better still, each CommonLit theme category is broken down by essential question, like “How does power corrupt?” or “What makes you who you are?” with a database of corresponding texts. These thought-provoking questions can be used to spark a class discussion or as the prompt for a longer writing exercise. common litJoin the Community CommonLit.Org is a nonprofit organization building a growing collection of supplemental texts, made by teachers, for teachers. Here are some ways to connect:
  • Become a CommonLit Contributor: Email info@commonlit.org to join the team of reading teachers who suggest content for the site.
  • Share Great Ideas: Tell us how you use CommonLit in your class, or email us a picture at info@commonlit.org. We would love to share your story with our network!
  • Help spread the word about CommonLit in your school or district!
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Image credit: Flickr (top); CommonLit (bottom)