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Digital Learning Day: 4 Excellent Online STEM Resources

March 13, 2015
131009_ATL_Gupta_9984 March 13 is Digital Learning Day, and tomorrow is Pi Day (and Tau Beta Pi Day, for all you Engineering Honor Society friends). Despite different names, they all celebrate education in the digital, math, and engineering realms, respectively. In the spirit of these three days, I want to highlight four excellent online math, science, and computer science resources for teachers. Impoppable is a new mobile app math game designed for kids ages 8-12. Available for free download for iPads and iPhones, the game helps build automaticity and flexibility with key multiplication and division facts. The user pops bubbles by creating multiplication and division equations. Impoppable was created by Zearn, a digital learning non-profit that is democratizing access to education by creating comprehensive digital lessons for students, teachers, and parents—and putting it all on the web for free. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVkwtRpi-lI[/embed] CK12 Foundation is a leading open educational resources (OER) non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to high-quality, K-12 STEM education materials. The site provides free, standards-aligned, open content in STEM subjects through an integrated set of tools including digital textbooks, concept-based learning resources, simulations, interactive practice, and more. Curated by teachers, for teachers and students, all content is free and used by thousands of schools around the world. Front Row is a free adaptive math program for K-8 teachers and students. The program allows students to practice math at their own pace, and provides teachers with detailed data reports on how to best support each student. In just a year and a half since its launch, Front Row is now used in over 20% of American elementary and middle schools and has produced dramatic gains in student learning and achievement. Globaloria courses teach coding and educational content through game design for grades 5-12 with full support for teachers. Fun and engaging, the courses are aligned with state, national, and Common Core standards, and they are offered as stand-alone classes or project add-ons to core curriculum classes. Award-winning, Globaloria is research-proven to advance academic engagement, 21st-century skill development, and STEM career aspiration. Happy Digital Learning Day! Share your favorite STEM apps or online resources with us on Twitter @TeacherPop and @TFA_STEM using the hashtag #DLDay.