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7 Teacher Reads for the Weekend

March 31, 2017
7 Teacher Reads for the Weekend

Happy Friday, y’all! TeacherPop knows it’s a big weekend for all you college basketball fans out there, but there’s plenty of time to catch up on all the latest teaching-related news before tip-off. From world maps to March Mammal Madness, we’ve scoured the web for the most interesting stories for teachers to read before, or after, the big game. Check out these seven teacher reads for the weekend!

There’s good reason kids can’t sit still in class—it goes against human nature. The New York Times reports on how incorporating a few movement-based activities into the school day can benefit students.

Do healthy lunches improve student test scores? According to a new study, they do.

A new map being introduced into Boston’s public schools is cutting the United States and Europe down to size.

“It’s hard to get kids in the habit of talking about how they are thinking about a problem when they’ve had many years of instruction that focused on getting the ‘right answer.’”

A simple stroll through a student’s neighborhood can lead to stronger bonds between families and schools, and help teachers connect with students on a deeper level. "They have all these strikes against them that we would think, as educators, would keep people from achieving. Yet, they continue to do it."

English language learners at this school in Fort Wayne, Indiana are graduating from high school with a diploma and an associate’s degree.

‘Tis the season for upsets and Cinderella stories, but bracketology isn’t just for college basketball—it’s for mammals, too. Have a great weekend!