Picking Your Preferences

Picking Your Preferences

Three Steps to Selecting Your Preferences

  • 1. Review the Summer Training Schedules
  • 2. Tell Us Where You Would Like to Teach
  • 3. Tell Us What You Would Like to Teach

To join Teach For America, you must be able complete all summer training. Each region’s training schedule and location is different. Before selecting your preferences, it’s important to check the schedules to make sure you can attend all the sessions for the regions you choose. If you have significant conflicts, such as your own wedding or a contractual obligation, let us know in advance and we’ll discuss options.

If you are willing to teach anywhere, you can make a huge difference by going where you are most needed. You should indicate this option only if you are truly open to it. Your flexibility has no impact on our admissions decisions.

If you want to select specific regions where you would prefer to teach, you must choose at least 10 regions. Of your 10 regions, at least one must be from our list of high-priority areas, where we have an urgent need for more teachers.

Of the 10 regions you choose, you can indicate which ones are:

  • Highly preferred: You would be excited to teach in this region. Most applicants select at least five highly preferred regions.

  • Preferred: You would strongly consider teaching in this region if you were to be accepted into the corps.

  • Least preferred: You are the least excited about being placed in this region but would still consider joining the corps if placed here. Most applicants choose no more than two regions that are least preferred.

When picking your preferences, look at our regional pages for information such as the cost of living and teacher certification requirements. On our main regional page, you'll also find a comparison tool to help you evaluate several areas at a time.

If you have circumstances that limit your location options, let us know during your final interview.


You can indicate your preference of subjects to teach and grade level:

  • Elementary school (pre-K through  grade 5)

  • Middle school (grades 6 through 8)

  • High school (grades 9 through 12)

While your choice does not impact your likelihood of admission, please consider one of these high-need areas:


  • Mississippi
  • Oklahoma
  • South Dakota


Consensus is building across Mississippi that a brighter future can only be achieved when every child receives an excellent education. Corps members have a rare opportunity to immerse themselves in their local community and form life-changing relationships with students and families. Learn more.



Oklahoma is a leader in early childhood education, dedicated to giving our youngest students the foundation for a strong start. Our teachers, alumni, and staff have adopted Oklahoma's spirit of partnership, grit, and determination and are working relentlessly to ensure that students have the opportunities they deserve. Learn more.



South Dakota is steeped in a complex history that has shaped the lives of its native Lakota people whose children our corps members serve. Shoulder-to-shoulder with our community partners, we're striving toward college-readiness, cultural awareness, and identity-rooted pride for all Native students living on reservations in South Dakota. Learn more.