What & Where You’ll Teach

1. Need and Opportunity

We aim to place you where you can have the best possible impact on student outcomes. Many regions have a high need for teachers in certain areas, such as:

  • Early childhood education
  • Math
  • Science
  • Spanish/bilingual education
  • Special education

Your skills and experience may influence your placement in a region that needs teachers like you.


2. Qualification Requirements

​Each of our partner schools has varying requirements for the teachers they hire. These requirements may include:

  • Minimum GPA
  • College major
  • Coursework prerequisites

We will assign you to a region, subject, and grade level where you meet the local requirements to be legally certified to teach.

The requirements for each region are complex and change often. To learn more, visit the pages for each of our regions.

3. Your Preferences

When you are invited to a final interview, you will be asked to rank the regions, subjects, and grade levels you would most like to teach. Once we know where you are qualified to teach and where the need for you is greatest, we do everything we can to assign you to one of your highly preferred choices.

Learn more about picking your preferences.

Placement FAQs

  • When do I find out what and where I’ll teach?
  • How likely am I to get my highly preferred assignment?
  • Will my preferences affect my chance of being admitted?

You’ll be given your tentative assignment to a region, subject, and grade level if and when you are admitted to the corps. However, your assignment may change based on a shift in the vacancies in your region's partner schools. For example, if you were initially assigned to teach sixth grade English, you may end up teaching second grade reading if the district's needs change. 


We do our best to place corps members in their highly preferred regions, subjects, and grade levels. Of our 2015 corps members:

  • 77 percent got one of their highly preferred regions
  • 96 percent got one of their preferred (or highly preferred) regions

The likelihood of being assigned any one of your preferred regions depends on several factors, such as:

  • Matching the requirements for eligibility in the region
  • Being available when the region has their summer training
  • The popularity of a region
  • The number of placements available

For example, our five most popular regions are:

  • New York
  • D.C Region
  • Bay Area
  • Massachusetts
  • Los Angeles

In 2015, 60 percent of applicants highly preferred at least one of those regions. Yet all five of those regions combined made up only 17 percent of our placements.

Your preferences have no bearing on admissions, but they do make it more or less difficult for us to place you in your desired region. We encourage you to keep an open mind when deciding your preferences for grade levels, subjects, and regions. Your flexibility helps us place you where you can have the most impact.