Applicant Prerequisites

Applicant Prerequisites

In order to apply to Teach For America's 2016 corps, you must satisfy three prerequisites:

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You must have your bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university by the first day your summer training begins. The start date for summer training varies by region (in 2015, our latest start date was June 21). Keep in mind that some regions specify an earlier date by which you need to have your bachelor's degree. You also must have a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate.

In some regions, you may ask for an exception to this policy if you have documents proving that you have fulfilled your graduation requirements but do not yet have your degree.

Contact us if you have questions about this policy.

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Your cumulative undergraduate grade point average (GPA) must be at least 2.50 on a 4.00 scale, as measured by the institution awarding your degree. This GPA requirement is mandated by the schools and credentialing programs we work with. If you are admitted to Teach For America before graduation and your final GPA is below a 2.50, you will lose your position. You must also pass any courses in progress on your transcript at the time of your interview.

The GPA Prerequisite Waiver

Graduate school GPAs cannot be used or averaged in with undergraduate GPAs. However, if you struggled in undergrad, you may be eligible for a GPA Prerequisite Waiver if you earned a graduate degree with a GPA of 3.50 or higher (on a 4.00 scale).

You do not need to apply for the waiver. As you fill out the application with an undergraduate GPA lower than 2.50, you will see a warning message that you are not eligible to apply. If your graduate school transcripts show a final cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher, simply continue the application. You will receive the same level of review by the Selection Committee as other candidates.

If you are invited to a final interview, you will be required to submit an official transcript from every undergraduate/graduate university you have attended.

Please note that receiving the GPA Prerequisite Waiver will limit your potential placement regions. You must be willing to relocate to one of these areas if admitted to the corps. You will only be eligible to teach in the following regions:

  • Colorado
  • D.C. Region
  • Las Vegas Valley
  • Milwaukee
  • Oklahoma
  • Phoenix

If you are invited to a final interview, you will fill out the Assignment Preference Form, which requires selecting 10 regions. You must include the six regions above. Add four more regions in order to submit the form, but these regions will not be considered as you will not meet their requirements.

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Due to the hiring restrictions of many of our partner schools, Teach For America may only accept candidates into the corps who are:

You are not eligible to apply if you are in the United States with:

  • A student visa
  • A work visa
  • A tourist visa
  • Refugee status but nothing indicating permanent resident status

If you are invited to a final interview, you must provide legal documentation that proves you are a citizen, national, lawful permanent resident of the United States, or DACA recipient. Visas cannot be accepted.

If you do not meet this requirement, you may be eligible to join one of our partner programs through Teach For All.