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In the face of exceptional challenges, our network of alumni and corps members are providing crucial support to their students and communities. Below are requests from educators and community leaders who are dedicated to helping others whose lives have been disproportionately affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you to our Direct to Community Giving sponsor, Take-Two Interactive, and to the many individuals who have given. To date, gifts from our community have supported 54 projects totaling $117,139.82.

How to Give

Search below to see who needs your help and donate today. All donations made through this page will go directly to individual campaigns. If youre interested in supporting Teach For America directly, visit our donate page for more information.

How to Submit a Giving Request

If youre looking to submit a giving need, visit our giving request page.

CRT Learning Library


Luke Allpress

Campaign Region: Phoenix

I need to start a CRT learning library for our teachers. We are building our passion to do well by our students, and are making do with articles so far, but many want more.

Supplying Groceries to Our Pitch In Students & Families this Summer!


Janene Ingram

Campaign Region: Chicago-Northwest Indiana

Since COVID-19 began, the Pitch In program - led by two TFA alumni - has worked to meet the basic needs of our middle school students and their families by providing timely groceries, cleaning supplies, and baby needs. We know summer may increase the challenges Pitch In families face, so we seek to deliver grocery gift cards to ease the burden. We need support to increase the total amount we are able to give to each Pitch In family; currently, we have secured emergency funding for $30/family. Will you pitch in and help us increase our impact to $50/family?

With mounting budget cuts due to COVID-19, many programs are getting cut from our school curriculum. One such program is LOUD, a non-profit program that provides high quality instruments and world-class music/film education to low-income Students in the United States. LOUD has worked in partnership with Camino Nuevo Charter Academy for years, and has been instrumental in exposing many of our students to the performing arts. As a teacher who is passionate about music and music education, and has participated as a guest in the LOUD programming after school, it breaks my heart knowing that our students will not have access to opportunities to express themselves through music at school. I have not yet received confirmation from my school site/charter network about the exact amount that would be required for funding, but have requested for an estimated amount that would partially support music/arts funding.



Jasmine Bowles

Campaign Region: Metro Atlanta

Support grassroots organizers (direct action, voter registration, census canvassing, community Think Tanks) in South Atlanta.

School Wellness Educator and Yoga Teacher Training


Chrizia Dela Rosa

Campaign Region: Bay Area

I am trying to raise money to cover expenses for a professional development course that is offered to public educators to strengthen and care for the whole educator. I will grow my practice in how to use mindfulness, yoga, and social-emotional learning as a vehicle for healing and learning in their classrooms and communities. I will learn and grow through conversation and collaboration with like-minded people who are building community well-being and resilience right alongside one another.

STEM Books for Students at Home


Rebecca Colo

Campaign Region: Massachusetts

A student asked me to send her books while she is at home. She's the 39th student I've sent books to since we have been out of school. In her email she mentioned that she already has a book at home and asked that I please avoid sending that same book. Hearing that she owns 1 book was heartbreaking for me. There are kids all throughout our community who have spent the last 2 months in homes where they may only have access to one book. Now that we have found ways to help get meals into homes in need, it's time to think about how we get books into these homes. Please help provide books to our students as we head toward the summer and students become even more isolated.

Science at Home!


Christian Duran

Campaign Region: Greater Cleveland

Help me give my students some hands-on science materials in order to continue learning and developing a love for science.
This marble run would not only create some non-tech fun for my students but also challenge them in finding creative ways to create their runs. Plus, I could implement some of the Spanish language by having my students record themselves explaining what they did to create their marble run. The science activity books would get them some extra activities to have DIY science fun at home!


Supporting and Amplifying Youth Voices during Quarantine


Whitney Birenbaum

Campaign Region: Baltimore

CHARM: Voices of Baltimore Youth is a literary arts organization founded on the belief that kids’ voices matter. Our mission is to help young people develop the skills of successful writers and amplify their own voices. Your contribution this spring will directly support the people behind our publications: our 20 middle and high school student editors, college intern, and creative freelancers that make CHARM a reality. Our current online publication, "This is Not a Snow Day," seeks to amplify youth perspectives in Baltimore during quarantine.

Wishing Wellness for All Students & Families


Jennifer Gentile

Campaign Region: San Diego

With these funds I will be able to provide wellness to my 12 junior and senior students with moderate and severe disabilities and their families in the Escondido, CA community by:
1. Donating $25 grocery store gift cards to each of the 12 student families I teach.
2. Distributing masks to every student I have to be able to access their community.
3. Gifting headphones to every student to be able to complete distance learning at home in a peaceful environment.
4. Giving graduation gifts to each of my 4 seniors students.
5. Purchasing a desk that can be transported from online teaching at home to a work station when we return to campus.
6. Investing in a $50 membership to to provide my students with more educational opportunities from home.
7. Acquiring cleaning supplies for our transition back into the classroom.

Perfectly Prepared


Kathleen Casey

Campaign Region: New York

We need your help providing our students with technology, snacks, and goodies for our upcoming school year! Our students, from Morris Heights in the Bronx, NY, range from ages 12-15 and are extremely smart, driven, and outspoken.

Our students are all in the 8th grade, and we are so excited for our upcoming school year! During distance learning, it is hard for our students who are kind, motivated, passionate, dedicated, and extremely loving to learn without the materials they need. They are people who are going to make our world one in which everyone is accepted, seen, and loved.

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