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In the face of exceptional challenges, our network of alumni and corps members are providing crucial support to their students and communities. Below are requests from educators and community leaders who are dedicated to helping others whose lives have been disproportionately affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you to our Direct to Community Giving sponsor, Take-Two Interactive, and to the many individuals who have given. To date, gifts from our community have supported 69 projects totaling $129,803.82.

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Search below to see who needs your help and donate today. All donations made through this page will go directly to individual campaigns. If youre interested in supporting Teach For America directly, visit our donate page for more information.

How to Submit a Giving Request

If youre looking to submit a giving need, visit our giving request page.

Tumaini Way Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum (Virtual)


Portia Richardson

Campaign Region: D.C. Region

The Tumaini Way is an evidence-based, culturally responsive social and emotional learning curriculum for middle and high school students. In the wake of COVID and the shift to virtual learning, we want to make our curriculum accessible to more students. Therefore, we are in need of funding to develop a virtual version of our curriculum, using blackboard software. We have received a quote for $10,000 and have a funding gap of $3000 to fulfill the cost.

Educate, Engage, Empower


Veronica Crespin-Palmer

Campaign Region: Colorado

Educational inequity affects many marginalized populations, including low-income communities, communities of color, and immigrant and refugee communities. RISE Colorado works to Educate, Engage, and Empower low-income families and families of color to RISE as change agents for educational equity in our public school system. RISE is founded on the belief that families are crucial to student and school success. Through knowledge building, organizing, and leadership development, low-income families of color will end educational inequity. They are active leaders who have a voice and the tools to define, demand, and lead systemic change to transform our public schools.

Dr. Smith MathFun


Jesse Smith

Campaign Region: D.C. Region

I have been in the teaching profession for over 20 years, attending Rutgers University Graduate School of Education where I received my Ed.D. As an educator I am always looking for a way to introduce math with a hook to capture young learners imagination. I began a collaboration with a master of puppetry. We started out with an introduction stating that students were entering my math class using puppets. Since I teach 1st grade now and am required to state the Common Core State Standard, I felt that the puppets can introduce the standard in a student friendly manner. At $55 per video times 120 videos. It would be $6600. I would like to provide a CCSS daily for the 3rd and 4th school quarter. That translates into 80 days of classroom instruction. Since I am teaching on the virtual learning platform now, this project would be a way to enhance the curiosity for all children.

Warriors of Light Foundation


Joseph Orosco

Campaign Region: Las Vegas & Reno

Students who wish to do better academically and emotionally are seeking that support but do not have the programs needed to properly support them in their endeavors. Academics is at an all time low because of virtual learning. Some are at a disadvantage due to technology issues and lack of motivation. In addition, students mental health is declining with the lack of social interactions and motivation is dropping significantly. So through this non-profit I have developed, we are trying to obtain the resources and materials needed to provide boxing lessons to get kids back into condition, improve their mental health, re-motivate them, and academically support them.

Learning Pods for Houston Students


Joanna LeFebvre

Campaign Region: Houston

I am in need of a monetary donation of $4000 to fund in-person, face-to-face learning for a group of students in the 3rd grade for the duration of the Fall semester. I have teamed up with other passionate, effective educators to pilot a program called, Equity Pods for the Greater Houston Area. The goal of Equity Pods is to provide children of color with equitable education. To achieve this goal, a highly effective teacher will provide in-person instruction for 8 hours a week where they will facilitate learning and development with a focus on literacy fundamentals. COVID has exacerbated the "still separate, still unequal" American education system. I want to be a part of a solution. I want to be part of the change.

Wish List to Support Diverse Learners


Max Weinberg

Campaign Region: Greater Chicago–Northwest Indiana

Ms. Shomberg is an incredible Special Education teacher at Lincolnwood Elementary (where I am the school principal). She has put together many items here that will support her diverse learners in their remote learning spaces. There is a need for devices and for physical teaching materials. Our school does not meet Title 1 criteria, but we serve a population that is 25% Free and Reduced Lunch. Our students with identified special needs are disproportionately children of color who receive free/reduced lunch.

The MindPower Foundation


Caesar Asadi

Campaign Region: Miami-Dade

I founded a 501(c)(3) organization with the mission to raise awareness, provide education and support to student and student-athlete mental health. We currently have 2 programs active: The Athlete Mentor and Mind Over Matter. We are also currently developing the MiND Initiative, which will be our education program we wish to implement at the 5th, 8th and 9th grade levels to help students learn how to handle mental adversity and educate them on healthy habits and releases.


We started this with 4 recent college graduates and a vision. I am humbled to say that in less than a year, we have directly impacted hundreds of students through our various programs and we are rapidly growing as an organization.

Accessible Remote Learning!


Janki Patel

Campaign Region: New York

A standing desk will allow me to stand up and teach live lessons to my class and project them through my laptop so that students who are attending from home can have a positive virtual learning experience. Students will be able to see both me and the lesson properly, providing an enhanced learning experience. A standing desk enables me to record myself teaching and present live lessons to students, and allows me to focus on creating and teaching rigorous lessons for my students. All of my students deserve to be given the same care and attention through virtual learning as they would inside a classroom. Please help me provide the best virtual learning experience for my kids.

Building Community with SEL/STEM Books


Rebecca Colo

Campaign Region: Massachusetts

This year our students will experience disruptions in their education as we move between remote and hybrid models of schooling. They will have less time to spend physically with their community of peers and teachers and more time for learning on their own. I am raising money to buy sets of books that can be sent home with students so that every student in an advisory or on a team will have a copy of the same book to read. These books will help us to form book clubs that will encourage relationship building between students and educators. By choosing books that include Social Emotional Learning and Science/Technology/Engineering/Math concepts, students will build community while discussing topics that are important to them and their education.

Internet Access for the Rural


Taylor Laymon

Campaign Region: Eastern North Carolina

The pandemic of 2020 has uncovered many pressing challenges and deficits that were hidden from the general public within the educational system. During this time, I discovered that only 1 of my students had internet access in their home. Many more were without functional technological devices to complete schoolwork As the COVID-19 crisis continues into the 2020-2021 school year, the need for students to have access to technology and Internet in their homes rises. 


Therefore, I am asking for broadband resources for my students to be able to access their learning on a virtual platform. These resources may include any device that will allow the ability to access the Internet, such as mobile hotspots. By providing these resources and access, students of low-income backgrounds may be able to operate on a more equitable platform compared it that of other demographics. 

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