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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Greater Tulsa

Explore the perks of teaching in the Greater Tulsa region, including affordable housing, discounted master's degree, and unique leadership opportunities.

September 11, 2017

1. First Day of School Bonus

New corps members joining the Greater Tulsa region will receive a $1500 bonus in August to celebrate beginning their work with Tulsa students! Our generous supporters want to welcome you with open arms and let you know how much you are appreciated.

2. Need

Oklahoma is experiencing a teacher shortage, which means you are needed to provide students with a full-time teacher and a class size that encourages growth and learning. Due to this great need, corps members are welcomed and respected in our community.

3. Affordability

The cost of living in Tulsa is nearly 40 percent less than in New York CityKiplinger ranks Tulsa as the 5th most affordable city, and Smart Asset named Tulsa in the top five cities for first-time homeowners. On top of the low cost of living in Oklahoma, corps members in Tulsa can take advantage of affordable downtown loft apartments and a much lower cost of teacher certification compared to other regions (around $300 compared to a national average of $7,270).

4. Affordable Graduate School 

Due to the generosity of our donors, Greater Tulsa corps members can earn a master’s degree in educational administration at The University of Oklahoma for up to a 70 percent discount. In addition, our partnerships with The University of Tulsa, The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, Northeastern State University, and Johns Hopkins allow for deeply discounted masters degrees of all kinds.

5. Social Scene

Tulsa boasts the amenities of a big city with the warm and welcoming feel of a smaller community. The Brady Arts DistrictBrooksideCherry Street, and Downtown Tulsa are a few of the hip, eclectic neighborhoods in town. Tulsa has tons of major events like Hanson’s HopJamTulsa Tough, and Oktoberfest, along with several concert venues such as Cain's Ballroom and BOK Center that draw major artists and performers.

6. Accelerated Growth and Leadership Opportunities

Tulsa is a place that doesn’t ask young people to wait their turn. Tulsans expect you to dive in and contribute right away. In the 2015-2016 school year, 13 corps members and alumni earned Teacher of the Year honors at their school, including the TPS district Teacher of the Year. After just seven years, 13 percent of TPS schools have an alumnus as an administrator and five out of the six charter networks in Tulsa are run by an alumnus.

7. Community Support

The philanthropic, corporate, and community partners in Tulsa are highly engaged and invested in improving educational opportunities in Tulsa. Local organizations are champions of TFA and partner with the region to help corps members find internships and jobs that position them for greater leadership.

8. Arts & Culture

Tulsa hosts one of the largest LGBT centers in the region, has deep Native-American history and traditions, and a robust Jewish community. Tulsa is also home to the Greenwood Historical District – once dubbed America’s “Black Wall Street.” The Tulsa community proves its value in arts and culture with their numerous museums, festivals, and events such as the Philbrook, the GilcreaseTulsa Culture Festival, and Festival Americas.

Festival Americas

Festival Americas celebrates the rich and diverse Latinx community in Tulsa and raises money for college scholarships.

9. Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Forbes ranked Tulsa as the #1 City for Young Entrepreneurs. Tulsa offers a significant network of support for entrepreneurs, including:

10. Early Childhood Education

The state of Oklahoma is a leader in providing access to early childhood education to its citizensThe Community Action Project - Tulsa (CAP), a TFA placement partner, is one of the organizations at the forefront of early childhood education in Oklahoma and across the nation. Recognized in 2015 as the Best Nonprofit to Work For by The NonProfit Times, CAP enlists TFA corps members to teach three and four-year-olds. Many regions do not offer corps members the opportunity to teach pre-k, but Tulsa expands opportunities to make a difference in the lives of our youngest scholars. Corps members working at CAP also earn significantly more than early childhood education teachers in most other communities.