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To Every Teacher in America, We See You 

We know how hard you work, and how much love and commitment you show your students. On this Teacher Appreciation Week, we wanted to take a moment to say thank you and let you know #WeSeeYou.

May 6, 2019

#WeSeeYou, Teachers!

For the early mornings and late nights, for the hard work and dedication, for the love and for all you do, we say: Thank you, teachers! We celebrate you, and we see you, this Teacher Appreciation Week, and every week of the year.


To every Teacher in America, we see you. 

Because you do more than 9 to 4 or 4 to 10.  

Because every corner of every classroom 

echoes your love for children. 

Because you're always ready when 

a hand extends that needs to be held, 

needs to be filled, needs to be taught how to heal, 

and still, you never question who will be holding you. 

Truth be told, we see you. 

Through the smiles, the laughter, you respect our minds, 

you awaken the potential in us like chimes against the wind. 

Our voices rising. You envision us winning. 

You take your time even when we start spinning.

Show us our capability from the very beginning.

We see you. Leaning in when we start to slow. 

You give the good word, put the batteries in our backpacks, 

give us the lessons, the tools, the knowledge, the discipline,

the hi-fives, the hugs, the motivation, the maps we lack to speed up our flow.

You say, look at the farthest star now go farther.

Everything shines brighter when we try harder.

You fight through the fight so we can break through our fear. 

We see you behind the sweat, anchored in our tears. 

We see you because you care more than we could ever know. 

You do more than just do, so much more so we can go 

anywhere we choose to, grow in ways we're just not used to.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, we see you in the shadows

trusting our breakthrough, our strength to break out. 

We see you in our communities, our families, our dreams. 

We see you on the front lines of equity. 

We see you in the possibility of what we could be. 

I see you in the greatness you see in all of me.