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Corps member standing in hallway.
Inside TFA

Parents, Family, and Friends

How will TFA influence your loved ones’ futures? Read about the limitless potential of TFA corps members.

The TFA Experience

Teaching With TFA

People who are accepted into Teach For America are called corps members. Corps members commit to teaching for two years in a high-needs urban or rural community to expand educational opportunities for kids.

Corps members teach everything from Pre-K to 12th grade and all subjects areas. After the two-year commitment is over, whether you stay in the classroom or pursue a different career, you’re considered TFA alumni.

A Challenge and an Opportunity

Leading a classroom in a high-needs community is an incredible challenge that allows you to make an immediate impact in ways that most first jobs do not. Teachers empower students and can change the course of their lives. Learn more about our impact.

Through the experience, you develop incredible skills and meaningful relationships that help further personal and professional goals.

Our alumni say that TFA is one of their most formative experiences, prepared them to excel in future endeavors.

Teacher embracing student.

A Career with Impact


Empower Students

Teach For America corps members help students achieve academic success and can dramatically expand their opportunities in life.

Independent research shows that corps members are as effective, and sometimes more effective, at driving student success as other experienced teachers in the same schools.


Develop Personally and Professionally

Every day, corps members are challenged to think creatively and solve problems while motivating students and coworkers to succeed.

Corps members receive support in the classroom and community where they work and have incredible teaching and leadership development resources. They also have access to an unparalleled network of supporters to maximize impact in the classroom and beyond.


Be Part of a Community and Network

Corps members bond with both TFA and other veteran teachers and build relationships with students, parents, and community leaders.

As alumni, they are part of a diverse network of leaders from all sectors who are passionate about making a positive social change. Many collaborate to launch new schools, nonprofits, and businesses.

Graduate schools and employers value the skills and perspective developed in the corps and offer special benefits to TFA alumni.

Meet our alumni network. 

“My son Michael loved his experience in the corps. Expecting to teach math as former business student, Michael was assigned to teach preschool on the southwest side of Chicago. Michael loved working with his students, and his time in the corps positively shaped his career path. He is now a principal and doctoral student focusing on urban educational leadership.”

Sunny P. Chico

Founder and President, SPC Educational Services