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Farewell Chris Lemaire!

A webpage dedicated to Chris' impact at TFA (because what could be more appropriate?)

December 17, 2021

All the Words

Hey Chris, even though we only worked together for a short period of time, those times were very impactful and memorable for me. I will miss all your whimsical ways and terms you use like “cool beans” that have a way of lightening the mood. P.S. you need to do a knowledge transfer on those to meSad as I am to see you go, I am also very excited for your new opportunity. I wish you the bestest of luck and success as you march on in your life’s path.

Don’t be a stranger - Ivie


Chris, you are such a collaborative, proactive, solution-oriented teammate! We are going to miss your skills and your great attitude. Your contribution to TFA has been huge, and I’m excited for you in your new opportunity.

Good luck! – Melanie 


Where it all began, circa 2014

Chris! I always loved hearing out your PoV on something, it was always delivered with this sense of goodwill. I don’t know if it was your tone of voice, choice of words, general approach or what but even when I didn’t agree or couldn’t really see it it was always well received. It’s a really awesome thing you do. I think I can confidently say that when we all heard at UX standup we collectively sighed because we all really think you are a great partner. We'll miss you and wish we would’ve had more chances to work together.

Love your vibes mayor! ✌️- RC


Chris! I still remember those first months when you and Cindy were transitioning from the Marketing Team, Polaris was ramping up, Hardik was transitioning out - that was a crazy time to start our working relationship together! What I learned at the time, even given how chaotic and stressful it felt, was how calm, thoughtful, and diligent you were in your approach to the work and the many challenges we faced. That continued throughout the entire time I've worked with you. I've always been so impressed by your ability to rationally approach a problem and come up, not just with the answer we're expecting, but an answer that makes sense for the problem at hand, which often means approaching the problem in a unique way and not accepting the challenge at face value. Thank you for all that you've brought to the team and all the guidance you've provided. You've been a great leader on this team always advocating for the right way to do our work.

Also, you've been a great teammate, co-worker, and human 🙂 I've always enjoyed our conversations, and appreciate that you were always willing to tell me what was on your mind, good or difficult. I appreciate having had the chance to work with you for so many years, thanks for all you've given to me, to the team, and to the organization during that time.

Your contributions will surely be felt for a long time to come. - Robb


Chris! Some of my fondest TFA memories are working with you on the digital team, cira 2015. I enjoyed playing planning poker, and puzzling over TFA’s “many-to-many” content sharing model. You were always so helpful anytime I had a question and took the time to explain things. Your teaching deepened my understanding of our CMS, and my appreciation for the work the dev team does to tame its many quirks.

I wish you all the best on your next adventure, my friend! - Laura Z.


I'll take acronyms for $1000 Alex...

Chris, it is great to work with you and get to know you. I thank your support from the time I started as a contractor to till date. We have had some good conversations which helped me to learn a lot of things outside of work. I am amazed at your passion towards current trends in technology, passion to travel places and continuous learning on new things. Thank you for sharing your learnings on a regular basis. I am certain you'll achieve everything you work towards.

I wish you good luck in your future endeavors - Gireesh


Hey, Chris! I know it’s been a while since we talked, but it was great to meet you at the start of my time here at TFA and it’s been great to work with you (even if it was usually indirectly) since.

I hope wherever you are off to next is great, and you’re able to take some time to rest and relax in between! -Alex


Chris you are such a cool friend and co worker.I am going to miss your super smooth DJ style Scrum Notes, and your way of explaining stuff. I am so happy for your new growth and learning opportunity.

Keep in touch - Seth


DigiX Dev Team Launch Celebration (Chris, Eric Farr, Cindy, Dom Remy, Peter Cho)

Chris! All the feels. I remember the times when we stayed up late to relaunch the website (at least twice) trying to fix this-and-that with hours to go. It’s been such a pleasure to work with you for the greater part of the past decade. The two biggest things that stick out to me are that you 1) Are top 5 coolest people I’ve met hands down–not just at TFA.  and 2) You have the firmest conviction in doing things the right way. Those two things will take you as far as you want to go in life, and I wish you the very best.

Please keep in touch! - Sim


It’s hard to believe you’re leaving - you’re so integrated into the fabric of TFA for me (the first work I did when I arrived was with you and Cindy on TFA.Org).

The best of luck with whatever is next for you! - Emily R


Hi! Chris it’s been a pleasure working with you. Good Luck! And Goodbye for your next adventure. You have got a bright future ahead of you!

Please stay in touch. - Kumar


What an adventure it's been! Starting the same day, doing the work together for almost 8 years as partners in crime and along the way we became fast friends. I'm in awe of your code-foo, smarts, thoughtfulness, and commitment to do the best work possible. You've been a  professional to the end while still having fun, bringing joy to our day-to-day and being an all-around Very Good Human. 

It's been my great pleasure and privilege to work with you and get to know you. I'm grateful for all I've learned from you and the lasting impact you'll leave me with. While I hate to see you go, I truly wish you only the best in all the things to come for you. I know you will do great things Chris!

Please stay in touch!! ✌️ and ❤️- Cindy


“So long and thanks for all the fish!”

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy