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Alumni Spotlight: RaKeema Toussaint

By The TFA Editorial Team

April 4, 2017

South Louisiana - Rakeema

Alumni Spotlight: RaKeema Toussaint

RaKeema Toussaint (Charlotte '06) shares how her work at a

About RaKeema

  • Corps Region & Corps Year: South Louisiana 2011
  • Alma Mater: Louisiana State University
  • Hometown: Vidalia, LA
  • Current Role: Assistant Principal/Dean of Academics


What do you love about your job?

Not only am I able to help teachers and students inside of the classroom, I am also able to partake in the decision-making process that directly affects teachers and students.

As a native of Louisiana, working here is dear to my heart.  Being able to stay in my home state and continue to support my community has given me purpose and kept me grounded and focused with the initial reason why I wanted to be an educator.

In the far away future, I want to work at Louisiana’s Department of Education supporting schools with their curriculum and instructional designs.  Within the next five years, I plan to earn my doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction while continuing to serve as assistant principal before eventually working my up to greater responsibilities within the school system.