Session Date & Time
February 6, 2016

Reimagining Education Teaching to the Edges to Reach All Learners

There is no average student, or person. Yet, we have been operating in systems designed for an average. Currently, students who do not fit this mold are at a significantly higher risk of dropping out of school, being bullied, and going to prison and this can lead to cases of lost human potential. We know through studies in neuroscience that we all have jagged learning profiles, that context matters and that there are multiple pathways for success. How do these constructs play out in our work? As a leader—whether an educator, entrepreneur, advocate or parent—how can we re-design to better understand, support and amplify the strengths and abilities of all of our students, teams, and children? Join us for a vibrant discussion on how we can re-imagine learning environments to better support the needs of all diverse learners.