William Trang

William Trang

Job Title
Product Marketing Manager
Google, Inc.
Loyola Marymount
UC Berkeley—Haas School of Business
Corps Year: 
Corps Region: 
Los Angeles
Alumni Region: 
Bay Area

Throughout his career at Google, William Trang has continued to improve educational opportunities for kids. He taught a mobile app coding class and a food blogging course to help increase literacy. He held workshops to help teachers bring technology into the classroom. And he teaches kids ages 8-17 how to code as part of CoderDojo Silicon Valley. William says he had an unforgettable experience in the corps. “It gives you a set of transferable skills that you will use no matter what you do. And it will give you a sense of purpose for the rest of your life.”

Career Path

Northrop Grumman Ed. Fellow, Earthwatch Institute
Researched climate change and global warming in the Arctic under Dr. Peter Kershaw. Lived in the Arctic Circle and measured permafrost layer over 7 terrains to investigate climate effects on melting.
Teach For America: Los Angeles Corps
Taught 7th and 8th grade science at Thomas Edison Middle school in South Central LA and started a basketball training camp. Also supported TFA’s district strategy and development team.
Citizen School Teacher, Citizen School
Taught an apprenticeship in Brooklyn, New York to middle school students about food blogging in order to increase students’ literacy and digital skills.
Board Member, CoderDojo Silicon Valley
Sits on the advisory board of and taught for an organization that teaches the next generation to design and code.
Product Marketing Manager, Google
Brings Google into physical spaces and creates great customer experiences. Develops high-touch, scaleable platforms to educate customers and sales associates about Google’s products and services.

Q & A

Why did you decide to join TFA?

I was passionate about solving educational inequity because I lived it when I was young. The mission aligned with my values and I wanted to give back because specific teachers in my past shaped who I am today. I’m still in touch with fellow corps members and my teaching coach, who is a mentor to me.

How did your teaching experience influence your career path?

The corps solidified my desire to make an impact on students on a larger scale. We live in a time of innovation, but many schools are stuck in traditional ways. As a teacher I was able to challenge that and integrate creativity and technology—laptops, smart boards, Powerpoint, video—into my lessons and engage students. I still use these principles at Google and at CoderDojo.

How did teaching prepare you for your current career?

It developed my problem-solving skills. I had to figure out how to guide students to achieve our big goal, invest them and check progress along the way. Teaching was a humbling experience and nothing I do today is taken for granted. My perspective was shaped through my experience; I am truly appreciative of my opportunities. Without these skills, I wouldn't be where I am today.

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