Tom Giardino manages Business Development at Valve Software and serves on the Teach For America - Washington alumni board

Tom Giardino

Job Title
Business Development
Valve Software
Corps Year: 
Corps Region: 
Greater Delta: Mississippi & Arkansas

Tom (Delta ‘10) grew up in Spokane, Wash. before moving to Seattle to attend the University of Washington. After graduating from the Foster School of Business he joined Teach for America and landed in Greenville, Mississippi, where he taught 10th grade English and coached the boys soccer team.   In 2012, Tom moved back to the Pacific Northwest to work at Valve Software, a videogame company in downtown Bellevue, where he splits time between marketing/PR work, partner management, platform analysis, and long-term strategy.    Tom is a big believe in the power and potential of extra-curricular activities to improve educational outcomes and prepare students for college and career. Tom is passionate about education policy and feels excited and privileged to be a part of the TFA-Washington’s alumni board.

Favorite thing about Washington:

My favorite thing about Washington is variety - you can find so many cultures, climates, activities, communities, cuisines!

Education area you are most passionate about:

The gap in extracurricular opportunities between successful schools and failing schools, and the way teachers are compensated for their work.

Biggest goal for the Alumni Board:

I'd like to be able to point at specific students or classrooms and say, "Because of the work we did (recruiting teachers, providing resources, connecting alumni to current CMs), those students have a new opportunity, a better outcome." Sometimes goals get so lofty that we forget to ask: can we go out and find kids who are better off because of the work we did?

Favorite Age/Subject to Teach:

Teaching novels to high school students is pure magic.