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Shiroy Aspandiar

Job Title
Co-Founder and Executive Director
One Jump
University of Oregon
Harvard University Graduate School of Education
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Shiroy worked very hard to invest his students in their own achievement and the impact that their success would have on their community. He co-piloted one of the first chapters of the EMERGE Fellowship and coached a pod of high achieving students through the college admissions process of top-tier schools. This helped the entire school see how hard work and high expectations translate into better life trajectories. With fellow corps members Karthik Soora and Neeraj Salhotra, he conceived of One Jump. They realized that if they could use the web to aggregate and make it easy to explore opportunities such as pre-college programs, leadership camps, and internships, their students would be exposed to experiences that would make college a reality. Now leading One Jump, Shiroy is helping thousands of students each year reimagine their future.

Career Path

Teach For America: Houston Corps
Shiroy is proud of helping to create a strong AP culture culture at his school. His students exceeded the national pass rate in both the AP World History and AP Psychology exams.
Co-led EMERGE Fellowship, Eastwood Academy Chapter
Shiroy co-led one of the pilot chapters of EMERGE, which prepares high-achieving students from low-income communities to apply, attend, and graduate from top-tier universities.
Harvard University Graduate School of Education
At Harvard, Shiroy explored his own cultural identity and issues of race, class and privilege. Studying with many TFA alumni, he learned to build community with future school leaders.
Dean of Instruction, KIPP Houston Public Schools
Shiroy served on a seven person leadership team of KIPP’s flagship high school in Houston, TX by coaching teachers, running the social studies department, and serving as AP Coordinator.
Co-Founder and ED, One Jump
One Jump is a tech platform which helps kids find, connect to, and fundraise formative experiences that change their perception of what is possible for their futures.

Q & A

How has your Teach For America experience influenced the direction of your career?

Along with fellow corps members, I realized students lacked access to experiences that could boost their confidence about college and careers. We found and helped fund opportunities for our students, and knew we could do this on a much bigger scale. Today, One Jump has over 1,300 students and curates more than 1,000 opportunities. We’re creating an opportunity ecosystem for kids.

Would you say you were changed as an individual by your corps experience?

I grew up overnight. I became more mature, more organized, more reflective. I learned to take complex projects and work backwards from goals to create effective plans. The strategy and critical thinking it takes to plan powerful lessons surprised me. More importantly, it taught me to dream big. If you aim high and have the energy to achieve, you can do incredible things.

If you were talking to someone considering applying to TFA, what would you want them to know?

I didn’t think it would change me the way it did. I didn’t know that out of all the communities I am part of, my TFA colleagues would be doing the most interesting and important work. They are tackling educational inequity and changing lives for entire families. To be surrounded by people that are intelligent, charismatic, and committed to something bigger than themselves is special.

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