Head shot of a young man with short black hair and a bearded chin smiling in front of a gray background, wearing a white shirt and pink tie.

Martin Perez Jr.

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Team Leader, Legislative Representative, and Family Engagement Chair
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"My heart lies in the work that alleviates the obstacles my students, their families, and our communities of color tackle on a daily basis to attain greater opportunities."

Following his graduation from the University of California, Berkeley, Martin became a Phoenix corps member, where he taught upper elementary at Montebello School in the Alhambra School District. While in the corps, Martin earned an M.A. in K-12 education from Arizona State University.

Martin has served as one of Alhambra’s School District–House of Representatives partnerships committee chairs, Montebello’s 5th grade team leader, athletic director, and parental and family engagement committee director. He has been a participant in Valle Del Sol’s-Hispanic Leadership Institute, Leading For Change-Aspiring Political Leaders, and Valley Leadership’s Class of 36.

Martin was recently recognized as one of Arizona’s 40 Under 40 Hispanic Leaders for his strong leadership and community involvement. He was also recognized as Teacher of the Year by the Alhambra School District and Community’s local Wal-Mart. Most recently, he was voted to serve as the communications chair for Arizona’s Legislative District 30. As communications chair, Martin oversees the strategic outreach plan of communication between elected leaders, business leaders, and advocacy organizations to effectively inform 230,000+ voters on daily legislation.